What it needs to survive


1. Cheetahs the fastest animals in the whole entire world

2. Cheetahs eat wild beast, Giselle, hogs, and 100 more

3. Cheetahs have speed up to 150 mph

4. When cheetahs are born they are usually spotted or striped.

5. cheetahs hide in the grass to sneak up on the perter to A TAKE

6. Cheetahs usually live in Africa where it is really hot

7. Cheetahs have really good eyesight

8. Cheetahs also have really good noses so they can smell 50 miles away

9. Cheetahs also have really good ears so they can hear 30 miles away

10. Cheetah are very vicious animal

Cheetah Poem


I like them.

Ask me why.

Because they are vary fast

Because they are always are hungry

Because they always eat wildest and gazelles

Because they Cheetah are striped or dotted,

Because they have about 50 of its strength is in the day

Because they sneak up on to there pra

Because they hunt ding the day and night

Because they have rill good eye sight



Because. That's why


I have had a great time studying a cheetahs and they where they live and

how they survive in Africa

Cheetahs should go in zoos because they are pretty and a lot of people like them because they climb up trees with a lion in its mouth.