My Dad, the Inner City Hero

By: Pericles K

Imagine you're a kid living near the South Side of Chicago. You're always on your toes, and nobody except the people you know can be trusted. There's police sirens whining all the time, and break-ins are a frequent event in your neighborhood. It's not a nice place. That is what my dad, my hero, went through. He, unlike many others, fell not into a life of crime, but into a life of hard work in which he returned to that same city of Chicago that he grew up in. I, his son, invite you to listen to his experiences and what has made him the amazing man, and dad, that he is.
See What Made my Dad Who He Is

This is a research essay about the benefits of living in an urban area versus the benefits of living in a rural area. I chose this topic because it allowed me to research the conditions that my dad grew up in. Needless to say, I enjoyed the research.

What's a Hero? Find out here...

In this essay I outline what a hero is, and why my dad is one. The tenets of heroship written therein help to describe why my dad is my hero.

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