Personality Type: True Colors Gold

Nathan Kowalski

Overview of My Color

I need to follow rules and respect authority. Loyal, dependable, prepared. I have a strong sense of what is right and wrong in life. Thorough, sensible, punctual. I need to be useful and belong. Faithful, stable, organized. I value home, family, and tradition. Caring, concerned, concrete. I am a natural preserver, a parent, a helper. I agree with this because I see myself acting out these characteristics and I've been told I act this way.

Childhood and Relationships

I was a rule follower and adapted easily to teaching styles. I have a serious view of love and marriage and am very conservative and traditional when it comes to the topic. I like people who can work beside me and I am very practical towards people I care about. I partially agree with this because I also like to joke around with my 'significant other.' I also agree with it because I am kind of serious.


I am organized when it comes to work and am very stable. I can work off of detail and can go deeply into what I'm assigned which makes me hold up a lot of what happens in what I'm involved in. I believe that I must complete a required task before I do anything I WANT to do. I agree with this because I view myself as a leader and a priority setter.

Leadership Styles

I don't often question tradition and always assumes the right way to do things. I like rules and am offended by change to my thorough approach to a task. I often expect people to play my roles and be punctual, orderly, and loyal. I agree with this because I have done these things before and have been presented with leadership opportunities.

Symptoms of a Bad Day

When I am having a bad day I complain and often bring about self-pity. I am anxious, worried, depressed, and fatigued. I often dwell on things that happen and maliciously judge myself and others. When I have a bad day I simply do what I'm told as if I'm a robot and put myself below my leaders. I agree with this because I have been told that I am like this when I am depressed and have witnessed it myself.

Thoughts About My Color

The three characteristics that describe me best are organized practical and involved. The three that were least like me prepared, a parent, and concrete. I feel like an office job would fit someone with a gold personality type because you have to be organized, traditional, and punctual. Gold would be good in the office because being traditional and organized are super important. It would not be good however, because there isn't much leadership involved in an office environment and I would expect too much from other people.