Thanator Fossil Found!

Found by researcher and historian Jackson Heppler

What is a thanator?

Last week, lead researcher and historian Jackson Heppler of the Maize South Science Organization discovered a claw that traces back to the ancient Thanator. The Thanator was a very large creature built for hunting, running, and leaping. Thanator stood 2.5 meters high and 5.6 meters long and was hexopodal with 6 legs with sharp claws on each toe. Burnish black in color, Thanator breathed from is neck from 2 pairs of opercula (nostrils) on each side. It had 23 centimeter long teeth, and the mouth had flaps that would flip up for maximum tooth extension. Thanator had armor on its neck, back, and tail from cartilaginous plates for protection. Its tail was used for swiftly striking its prey with a fatal blow. There were ten external sensory quills around its body highlighted with red and yellow skin. Its habitat was on the rain forest floor near the subarctic region of Pandora. Its prey was pretty much anything that moved, mainly Avatars or Hammerhead Titanothere.

Discovery of the Claw

The claw was discovered while Heppler was doing research in the rain forest to study the life of the Red-Eyed Tree Frog, when he stumbled across a "root". When he pulled the root out it turned out to be the claw. He took it back to his lab where DNA testing proved it came from the ancient Thanator.