Ancient Greece Project

By:Denver Martin


My project is Ancient Greece. I chose this country because it has a lot of interesting history. Such as, it is believed the first Ancient Greek civilizations were formed nearly 4,000 years ago. Greece is known for its diverse vegetation. In this paper I will discuss the topics of the early wanderers, slavery, and the daily life of the Pericles.

The Early Wanderers

There is little known about the early Greek settlements. The Greek's gradually settled down to make communities that were ruled by kings and elders. The wanderers where robbers who stole jewelry and metal work for money.They made great weapons and san stirring songs.These epics depict the simple, war like life of the early Greece.

Slavery In Ancient Greece

Two-fifths of the population were slaves in Ancient Greece. Slavery was a big deal in Ancient Greece. There were gangs sent down in silver mines to get silver for there owners and if they found them stealing they would get put in a dongen. When a city was conquered its inhabited they would be sold as slaves. A slave always has a chase to escape.

Daily Life in the Age of Pericles

Although slavery freed the Athenians from drudgery, they led simple lives. There were 6,000 jurors on call at all times in Athens.Daily salaries were paid for jury service and service on the Council. The women stay home and weave and do house work. The men spent their time talking politics and philosophy in the agora, or marketplace.


I learned about Ancient Greece is that they have a awesome culture and it was very fun to learn about. If there was another assignment about it I would chose this because I haven't even learned about half of it yet. My favorite topic was Life of the Early Wanderers because it was fun to learn about and what stuff the would use for weapons. I would like to learn more about their sculptures. I hoped you enjoyed project and learned some cool facts


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