LGTH Monthly Staff Newsletter

June 2016


Happy Wednesday! We hope that everyone is enjoying the warmer weather! There's lots of fun updates in this months newsletter so be sure to take a look below.

Your Directors,

Melissa and Jenny

News and Reminders

  • Father's Day: Just a reminder that Father's Day is Sunday, June 19th. We'd be happy to purchase any supplies or materials you need. Just let us know!
  • Dress Code: With summer finally here, we wanted to send a quick reminder about our summer dress code policy. You can wear skirts, dresses and shorts as long as they are no higher than 1/2" above the knee. Also, all shoes must have backings on them.
  • Laundry Schedule: Everyone on the first floor should have received a new laundry schedule. Please only use the washer/dryer during your scheduled time.
  • Garden: Our garden is growing! Please feel to use and integrate the garden into your lesson plans however you would like. We designed it with sensory experiences in mind. Although it will be some time before the kiddos can taste what we've planted, they can enjoy the other sensory experiences in the mean time.
  • Music and Movement: We are so excited to get our music and movement program started here at this location! Each classroom will have music time twice per week. Be on the lookout for a music schedule with your designated music time. We are also putting something in the parent newsletter so they are aware as well. Please hold off giving them any additional information until we have an exact date for music to begin.

Shout Outs!

Please welcome new LGTH staff members:

Matthew will be our new Music and Movement Teacher!! We are so excited to have you join the LGTH team!

Betsy will be our new enrollment/marketing associate! Betsy currently works over at our West Loop location and now will be splitting her time between both schools. Excited to have her join us over here now too!

Aubrey will be a new lead teacher at our location. She's been helping out over at our Lakeview location and is now joining us over here!

Shout outs:

*Shout out to Heather for always being herself. She's a breath of fresh air!

*Shout out to Ishita for being great with the babies, being patient, and an all around awesome person!

*Lili, thanks for being you and staying positive through the tough times!

*Shout of to Linda for her positivity and silliness! She is so fun to be around, and she's always helpful too.

*Shout out to Abby for working so hard! You do an incredible job with all the kiddos.

*Thank you to Lili and Kim for doing an incredible job in Birch!

*Alex is super positive! Her attitude makes a huge impact on my day.

*I always love listening to Linda's funny stories.

*Shout out to Heather! She's so positive and great with the kiddos. She works so hard, and she always has a smile on her face. She makes the morning bright and fun!

*Kim, thank you for always engaging with the kiddos in a positive, meaningful way!

*Shout out to Melanie for being so great with the kiddos in Hazel and always smiling everyday!

*Shout out to Heather for her awesome positivity and her fun, energetic personality!

*Shout out to Linda for being so fun and silly and sweet. She's great in the Hazel room.

*Shout out to Carline! She is great with the kiddos, and she is always super nice. Thanks Carline!

*Shout out to Melissa for having a smile on her face everyday and being so helpful! You're great!

*Shout out to Jenny for being so kind, positive, and helpful! You're awesome!

Don't forget to recognize your co-workers!

The Shout Out box is located in the staff lounge.

Staff Birthdays:

Sarah Feeny, June 2nd

Linda, June 10th

Dorothy, June 20th

Just for fun

Thank goodness for Pinterest! Check out these links for fresh ideas to try out with your kiddos both indoors and out.

Final Friday

Friday, June 24th, 7-9am

1929 North Halsted Street

Chicago, IL

Feel free to wear jeans and enjoy a surprise on us!