PDA Technology for Student Success:

Assistive Technology

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About the course...

For most of us, our daily routine is full of technologies that help us do things. Some of us use glasses to help us see. Most of us drive to work. We use technology in automobiles, computers, televisions, and mobile devices for productivity, socialization, education and entertainment. Our lives are filled with amazing gadgets and inventions, some simple and some complex, which we use to help us achieve our goals and dreams.

Some individuals face challenges every day due to a disability. It may be an inability to write due to fine motor problems. It may be an inability to read due to a vision loss. Whatever the problem, a society that is rich in technology has an ethical responsibility to ensure that its members with disabilities have the technologies they need to work around the effects of their disabilities.

The Technology for Student Success: Assistive Technology module of the Professional Development Alternatives (PDA) series has been designed to assist you in understanding what assistive technology is and in understanding the process of helping students with disabilities select, obtain, and effectively use assistive technology.

PDA Technology for Student Success: Assistive Technology Online Module

Tuesday, Oct. 1st 2013 at 5-6pm

This is an online event.

Meet us on October 1st in our online room where we will share login information, the course syllabus, and more important information. Participants will receive orientation information after registering for this course. The course ends on November 22nd.


This course is free and worth 15 inservice points. To register, go to fdlrsaction.org. Questions? Contact karen.geisel@fdlrsaction.org