LOOK UP INTO OUR SKIES ! It's not a deep blue anymore. Does the sun give off a metallic, bright glow, is it harsh on your eyes? More likely than not you will see criss-crossed lines in a murky gray sky. These lines are actual chemicals being dumped upon every town and State in Australia, have you looked up and seen this happening?

Find out more about Chemtrails at WWW.BAN-GEOENGINEERING.ORG

We, as living breathing humans, every animal and plant on this planet, are being adversely affected by these chemical compounds. So many people are having a multitude of health problems due to this DAILY spraying. Here are just a few symptoms associated with this spraying fatigue, headaches, allergies, joint pains, flu-like symptoms and the list goes on and on.



Melbourne Against Chemtrails is a Victorian group dedicated to informing our City, State & Country about the Illegal Chemtrail/Geo-Engineering taking place in the skies over Australia daily. Our goal is to document the ongoing Geo-Engineering programs being carried out on us daily, become a Sky Watcher with us and share your time and date stamped photos with us, we use the flightradar24 program to actively identify which aircraft are trashing our skies. We are recording this information to be presented in a Submission of Fact to the Aust govt in 2014. WHAT TO DO NEXT -
1. Engage our Community, make some friends, by doing so you make us stronger as a group, also feel free to share your photos and relevant articles on Chemtrails, Geo-engineering and Climate Change. – We believe Global Warming is real but it is man made through Geo-Engineering rather than mankind’s fossil fuel activities. Our weather is being manipulated and controlled and we need your active participation in raising awareness. Join our next protest or event and get your voice heard!!!!
2. Educate Yourselves, understand what Geo-Engineering is and what it is being used for. Take the time to research this for yourselves so that you can share confidently with good credible information. Please watch – What & Why in the World are they Spraying easily found on youtube. Dane Wigingtons site for the most up to date information and teaching on this important topic.