Kirk Cousins training camp

Kirk trains your children in the arts of football

Training camp (LIMIT 200)

The Washington Redskins and former quarterback from Michigan State University. Kirk will train your kids on offence, defense, and special teams.

Training camp

Saturday, July 4th, 9am-4pm

3333 96th Avenue

Zeeland, MI

9 am: Children arrive.

9:15 am: Kirk introduces what your going to do.

9:30 am: Kids break off into 6 groups. (2 groups on offence, 2 groups on defense, and 2 groups on special teams)

9:45 am: Kirk goes and works with offence for 2 hours.

11:45 am: Kids go and eat lunch (Lunch from Hungry Howies)

12:45 pm: Children go back into there groups (When Kirk works with the defense)

2:45 pm: Kirk works with the special teams.

3:45 pm: Kids meet in the gym. Kirk says goodbye and does signing.

4:05 pm: Everyone is gone.