Career and Technical Education

Tyler ISD

Welcome CTE Teachers!

Our CTE teachers work collaboratively to provide relevant instruction to students; persistent in strengthening Project-Based Learning skills and diligent in aligning curriculum.

Differentiated Instruction and Special Education

AVID Strategies

Promoting literacy in the CTE classroom.

  • Please turn in samples to campus Department Chair by Friday, April 1.

(student reflection of Philosophical Chairs and student written 3-2-1 )

CTE Integration K-6

We will collectively brainstorm ways to integrate CTE and create a career-oriented mindset in our elementary school students. Then, create a Zaption video lesson related to your field of study for elementary students.

Intsructional Strategies for CTE

We are providing tools to reach each student in the classroom and that will also support incorporating literacy into instruction.

  • Each group member will choose a high-yield strategy and look up 3 tools on The Teacher Toolkit website.
  • Discuss and Take notes on the "I could use..." section of your handout.
  • Analyze lesson plans and determine where to include some of these high-yield strategies.

Collaborative Project-Based Learning

Through "Build a Playground", we will explore ways of planning and creating effective cross-curricular PBL projects. Then, think about ways to make your favorite PBL BIGGER and BETTER!

Professional Development Survey

Please provide feedback through the completion of this survey. Click on the link below.