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How Google was created?

Google is a company created by the two college partners Larry Page and Sergey Brin; they met in Standford university in 1995, and together they created a research project in 1996 that was a motor of search engine that was used to determinate the importance of some web pages using the links, initially, it was called BackRub.

By the pass of time, Larry y Sergey called the motor "Google", name that was obtain after they related the mathematical term "gúgol", that is used for represent the number one plus 100 ceros and in relation o Google it i the representation of the information that te motor search engine contain. Google Inc. was started in 1998, when Andy Bechtolsheim, cofounder of Sun Microsystems, helped them with a check of 100.000 dollars that helped them to initiated the company

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Why is Google so important?

Google is a motor search engine, that keeps the information in an specific organized order, making more easy the research of many topics or elements of interest, that is configure in a way that the different web pages or sites of interest has to been in a constant competition for get to be in the most research sites.
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What is the future of Gogle inc?

Initially the propose of Google's creators, was to create a lucrative company that would asure there independence for a while; after the whole hit of Google because of its design, that is proper for everyone to use it and the constant creation of new projects that keep the clients interested, Google has become something that everyone knows about.

Its so famous that it has become the world's famous motor search engine and company; the future of Google is very interesting because the whole Google's team are working in projects that can change the whole humans life, and will be, if they work very challenging and new. To add about the more interesting and satisfying facts about this company, the way there workers are trait and the whole methodology of the company, makes it a comfortable place that helps n the good development of the ideas.