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Tired? Crank up the radio!

Sore arms from winding up your old school gramophone? Get a Radio!

Yesterday the 23rd of July 1866 Mr.Guglielmo Marconi came out with his new invention, the Radio! The radio is a electric wireless music player. Radio owes its development to two other inventions the telegraph and the telephone. All three of them are closely related. The radio was known as wireless technology.

Radio can refer to either the electronic appliance that we listen with or the content listened to. However, it all started with the discovery of "radio waves" - electromagnetic waves that have the capacity to transmit music, speech, pictures and other data invisibly through the air. Many devices work by using electromagnetic waves including: radio, microwaves, cordless phones, remote controlled toys, television broadcasts, and more.

The Roots of Radio

During the 1860s, Scottish physicist, James Clerk Maxwell predicted the existence of radio waves; and in 1886, German physicist, Heinrich Rudolph Hertz demonstrated that rapid variations of electric current could be projected into space in the form of radio waves similar to those of light and heat.

In 1866, Mahlon Loomis, an American dentist, successfully demonstrated "wireless telegraphy." Loomis was able to make a meter connected to one kite cause another one to move, marking the first known instance of wireless aerial communication.

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