Internet Safety

Ways to make you safer while on the Internet. By Nathan Poss

10 things that will make you safer on the internet.

1. Educate your family and friends about internet safety. 2. If a website is banned at school or somewhere else you probably shouldn't do it at home. 3. Some websites and other scams and stuff are not safe. 4. Do not give anyone on the internet to much personal information unless its a family member or somebody you trust. 5. Make sure you are the only one that know your passwords to stuff and write them down and put them in a safe spot. 6. Make sure you do not send pictures or addresses to people you meet online. 7. If you are harassed on the internet delete anything you can on them and keep them away. 8. Choose a neutral gender so you cant be harassed. 9. Always inform somebody if you were hacked or harassed online. 10. Always keep in mind that the person you are talking to online may not be who they say they are.
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