Looking for a Hired Hand

North Central Truck Equipment, St. Cloud

If you are motivated, dependable and eager to make the most of your opportunities apply for this part-time position.

Traits we are looking for:

o Motor head

o Like to work with your hands

o Like to fix things

o Willing to learn

v Are you a reliable person?

v Are you able to focus on the task at hand & not be distracted?

v Do you have a knack for finding a solution with a mechanical problem?

v Do you keep your car clean?

Parts of our business!

As a bus detailer & general shop clean-up specialist, your regular tasks will include:

· Washing and detailing new and used school & shuttle buses

· Cleaning & sweeping shop parking area & yard

· Delivering & picking up parts

· Setting up new snow plows

Ø Ability to use common sense to find solutions.

Ø Willingness to work with others on high priority jobs.

Ø Willingness to be trained on the job.