The Bee's Knees

January 2020

Message from the Principal

Happy New Year! The new year is bringing many changes to Barfield. One change that will take time to adjust to is the retirement of JoAnn Allers. JoAnn worked for the WSD for over 16 years. She was Barfield's Division Secretary and our Tuition Account Manager, but more importantly she was the first staff member you encountered when you came to our school. JoAnn always met our patrons at the front door with a warm smile and she did a lot of work behind the scenes to keep our school running smoothly. JoAnn was a wonderful co-worker and she left very big shoes to fill.

Aimee Rhodes will be filling those shoes. Aimee has been an active supporter of our school. She was the BEC PTO Vice President during the 18-19 school year. Her daughter started Kindergarten this school year, so she had to step down from the PTO board but that also provided Aimee the ability to work full time. While we will certainly miss JoAnn we are fortunate to have Aimee join our administrative team.

The change we are all excited about is the completion of our four classroom addition. At present, we expect construction to be completed near the end of February. Today, January 10, the brick work on the exterior was completed! The scaffolding and most of the heavy equipment was loaded on trucks and removed. We want to return to the normal flow of traffic (using the road behind our school) for both AM and PM classes as quickly as we can. BUT, the road behind school is extemely muddy and in need of repair before we can allow our partons to drive on it. The road had to be cut and a large drain pipe was laid to take the water from the rooftops to the newly enlarged detention pond. The heavy equipment that made countless trips around the building also rutted the road. When we re-paved our parking lot in the summer of 2018 we intentionally did not pave the back half because we anticipated this. The plan is to patch the road next week to make it usable by the end of the week and wait to re-surface the lot over the summer. For the time being please continue to pick up and drop off students on the North side of the building. As always, thank you for your patience!

Celebrating JoAnn's Retirement

JoAnn is pictured on the left. Carol and Rosalyn (left to right) presented JoAnn gifts at the BEC holiday luncheon.
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Board Approves New Boundaries

The WSD is building a new high school and a new elementary school to meet the needs of our growing District. Part of that process included adjusting elementary, middle and high school boundaries. The 2019 Boundary Committee met five times from May through November 2019 to develop new boundaries.

On December 19, 2019, the Board of Education approved the boundaries recommended by the committee. Click here for details.

Important Dates

1/17 No Classes

1/20 No Classes

2/6 BEC PTO Meeting 6:00

2/10 BEC Re-Enrollment for Returning Students (Details to follow)

2/11 BEC Parent Group: Behavior Strategies, 5:15 to 7:00. Click here to sign up!

2/17 No Classes

Staff Spotlight

My name is Crissi Runner and I’ve been a nurse for 11 yrs and have been at Barfield since last school year. My family and I moved to Wentzville from West Virginia 4.5 years ago. I’ve been married to my husband, Larry, for 11 years and we have a 10 yr old son named Owen and an 8 yr old daughter named Kate.

As a family, we love sports and enjoy cheering on my alma mater, WVU, and my husband's alma mater, Virginia Tech. We spend many hours at the soccer field with my son and look forward to catching some St. Louis MLS games in the future. We also enjoy traveling and visited Italy, Greece and Croatia last summer. Rounding out our family is a small zoo, three dogs – Max, Jasper, and Sadie, and 1 cat – Otis. My daughter is lobbying hard for a ferret but I have remained strong up until this point.

I look forward to being at Barfield for many more years to come. We have an amazing staff and it’s a joy to come to work. I’ve loved getting to know the students and their families.

From Nurses

While many of us are making health related resolutions this new year, it's important to remember that healthy habits are established early! Here are some tips to help your child get the best start possible.

* Allow your child to help you make healthy meals. They are more likely to try new things when they had a hand in making it.

* Have healthy, easy snacks readily available. Some examples are carrots, sliced apples, and string cheese.

* Milk and water are healthy drink choices. Soda, fruit juice, and sports drinks add extra calories and can be damaging to teeth.

* Encourage active play! Preschoolers should get at least 120 minutes of active play a day. This can be planned adult-led physical activity and unstructured active free play.

* Limit screen time to 1 hour a day.

BEC Ugly Holiday Sweater Contest

Danny Parmer, the winner of our ugly holiday seater contest, is flanked by runners-up, Taylor Ward on the viewer's left and Andrea Husmann on the viewer's right. Danny elevated "ugly" to another level!
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Rylee Buchheit, the Newest BEC Chili Cook Off Champion

Rylee is pictured below taking possession of the prized Golden Ladle. The much desired trophy is being presented by Amy Fetterhoff. Former champ Chloe Martin is pictured on the right.
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Library Scoop

Checkouts will resume when school is back in session on January 6, 2019. Please remember to return all library books that were checked out over the "Winter Break."

Just a friendly reminder to leave all book repairs to the Librarian. We know accidents can happen and pages will get torn. I have special materials here to fix those kinds of problems. Per school policy, any fines for "lost/damaged books that is not paid will result in students not being able to check out books here and in future grades. If you pay a fine and the book is found and returned within 60 days undamaged, your money will be refunded. If you have any questions about this policy, please feel free to contact me at or call (636) 561-5757 Ext:19235

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday with family and friends.

Counselor's Corner

Believe it or not, often returning from an extended break (even just two weeks!) can be difficult for our kids. They, just like us, are used to lazier mornings, lack of a structured routine, different sleep schedules, and eating whenever their belly rumbles instead of at designated times. If your child has had a more difficult time getting ready for school in the mornings, don't worry. This is normal for many families and they will bounce back into their routine soon! Some things that may help them bounce back easier include: talking about the next day's schedule the night before, giving them a little extra time than usual to get ready, providing a picture schedule of the things you need them to do before school, and keeping the television and tablets off before leaving for school (Let's be is HARD to stop playing a game to come to school!). If your child continues to struggle with this transition back into school, please reach out to me or your child's teacher. We can help!


Happy New Year! BEC PTO is excited to kick off 2020 with planning for our large spring fundraiser as well as a school wide art project, if there is any interest in learning how you can help with these or if you have an item you would like to donate for the auction, please reach out to We also will be sending information out soon about some fun new spirit wear! The fall semester we received so much support from the parents and the joy on the student's faces is worth every moment. We just want to take a moment to thank each and every family in the school for the support they have given the PTO this year. We hope your 2020 is off to a great start!

- BEC PTO board members