Jessie Street Story



This is Jessie Street she is a famous person In Australia.

Historical Figure:Jessie Street. Birthdate:18/4/1889.

Place of birth:Ranchi,Lndia. Death:2/7/1970.

Jessie Street info

For what was Jessie Street best known?

Jessie Street was well know internationally,attending woman's conference all over the world and working with women groups in different countries.She was the sole women on the Australian delegation to the founding conference of the United Nations in San Francisco in 1945.

What was Jessie Street childhood like.

Jessie lillingston came from a family of weary landowners in North N.S.W.When she was a girl she loved horse riding but she did not like the face she expected to rid side-saddle . So when nobody is looking,Jessie swings her leg across the horse and rid the same way men did.

What was Jessie adulthood like.

Jessie at home reads a news paper every morning befor breck fast.

Family:Jessie has a dad,mum,1sister and. 2brothers.