TDA Support for 2021-2022

Lauren Cunningham, ARIN IU 28


I am excited to kick off a new school year by offering customized support for ELA teachers, special education teachers, gifted support teachers, and even student teachers engaged in instructing our ELA students in grades 4-8.

ARIN IU 28 is offering a line-up of leveled support to provide the learning teachers need based on their experiences with teaching text-dependent analysis. We have several NEW sessions to offer as well! All sessions will be offered in a face-to-face format at the ARIN office, but, if your district needs a customized, flexible learning option, we can make it happen.

Check out this introductory video about the support we can provide!

TDA Level I

This full day introductory training introduces the underlying components and purpose of a TDA to new teachers in the ELA classroom. Teachers will work with complex texts and dive into resources available for guiding TDA instruction in their classrooms. Main topics discussed include the importance of recognizing and deconstructing the ELA standards and the comprehension level of the underlying TDA components.

This session is scheduled for September 13.

See the agenda here.

TDA Level II

This full-day intermediate training reinforces the purpose of a TDA as an instructional tool and guides teachers through the process of TDA prompt development. We revisit the ELA standards and how to deconstruct them, then work to understand the importance of using the close reading strategy as a bridge between the reading comprehension and analysis underlying components of a TDA. Thoughtful and precise design of instructor developed questions guides our work as we shift student learning from the comprehension to the analysis level.

This session is scheduled for October 14th.

See the agenda here.


ANALYSIS, ANALYSIS, ANALYSIS!!! This session is tailored to fit the needs of veteran ELA teachers in grades 4-8 as they dive deeper into the analysis and writing components of TDA instruction and assessment. We will explore practical strategies to use in our classrooms that foster the development of student analysis skills.

This session is scheduled for October 28th.

See the agenda here.

Cadre of Experts: My TDA Instructional Playbook (NEW!!)

This NEW session will provide teachers with an instructional playbook of strategies to use with students when teaching comprehension, analysis, and writing skills. We will integrate many of the strategies modeled through TDA Levels I-III and explore new research based strategies as well. Participants should come to this session with ONE strategy that they can contribute to the group. Participants need to have taken one or some of the TDA sessions offered by ARIN in the past. If you have questions about this, please contact us.

ALL participants will leave this session with access to a file full of one-pager instructional strategies!!!!

This session is scheduled for November 17th.


Let's NOT forget about our youngest learners. What does preparation for critical thinking about text look like in grades K-3? This interactive session walks participants through the process of deconstructing the K-3 reading and writing standards in efforts to engage in conversation about what TDA preparation can look like in the early grades.

This session is scheduled for December 2nd.

See the agenda here.

Assessing TDA Responses and Building Replacement Units (NEW!!)

How can we effectively and efficiently formatively assess the TDA responses in our classrooms? What should be our next instructional steps? The first part of this session will engage participants in learning a protocol for TDA response assessment and planning for instructional next steps based on results. Participants need to bring a set of student responses to a TDA prompt to this session. Next, we will dig deep into backward design of an ELA unit, starting with identifying the standards and establishing an end goal of analysis. Then, we will explore how to build a unit with multiple texts to support the development of skills needed to demonstrate the end goal.

This session is scheduled for December 10th.

Registration is available for all sessions here:

This session meets accelerated learning categories: instruction, formative assessment, equitable practices, and analyze assessments