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"Oh! The Places We'll Go!"

WHAT'S NEW? (December 11, 2015)

Hi Parents,

What a wonderful Winter Sing this afternoon! Your children worked hard for weeks on this performance and it was a wonderful show! A special thanks to Mr. Bartunek for putting this all together! Wasn't it great to see the 5th grade perform "Snow Pants" one last time?

We met with our Buddy class to make snowflakes for the residents at Covenant Village. We taught our buddies how to make them and enjoyed our time together. (See pictures below)

It has been brought to my attention that some of our students have used inappropriate language while texting. This week, we discussed the importance of using the proper etiquette when using social media. This is something that teachers and parents need to continually remind our students about. I attached some links below that may help you continue this conversation at home with your child.

The following websites offer advice on how to educate yourself and your child about Social Media and Internet use.

Kids Health:

This article describes some apps and websites that may be inappropriate, yet being aware of them can prevent future issues.

Have a nice weekend,

Mrs. Sanchez and Mrs. Mirza


This week in Math, the students moved on to Chapter 4. They learned how to multiply proper fractions and solve real world problems. The students were shown how to use bar models to help them solve the problems.

Writer's Workshop

This week in Writer's Workshop, the students learned about Op-Ed articles. What does Op-Ed mean? Op-Ed stands for "opposite the editorial" page in a newspaper. The article is an opinion based piece by a named author, who is not affiliated with the publication. Students read three Op-Ed examples as mentor texts and identified the characteristics of an Op-Ed. The students were looking to make sure the writer states their point in the first few sentences, uses specificity to make points, has a clear focus, and the article is less than 300 words.

Next week the students will narrow down topics for their own Op-Ed.

Reader's Workshop

This week in Reader's Workshop we read and answered questions about The Articles of Confederation and The Northwest Ordinance. We practiced our Close Reading Skills where we read the questions first, read the whole text once, and go back a second or third time to dig deeper.

Second Step (SEL Program)

This week in our Social Emotional Learning program, we had our school social worker Ms. Dames, and our school psychologist Mrs. Mowery come into our classroom. They spoke to the children about Time Management and Planning and Engaged Listening, The students shared their ideas and participated in activities.

This will be done for the next 12 weeks across the whole 5th grade.

Social Studies

In Social Studies, the students started a new unit on the formation of the U.S Government. We discussed the reasons why we need a government and how it works to keep us safe and protect our rights. They also learned how The Articles of Confederation was our first form of government, yet it was too weak. The Founding Fathers realized this, and wrote the Constitution in 1787. The students learned about the three branches of the government mentioned in the Constitution. These branches established a balanced national government by dividing authority among the three branches-executive, legislative, and judicial.
The test for Government will be on Friday, December 18th.
(If your child will be leaving early for the break, s/he will be able to take it on Thursday. Please let me know if this applies to you. Thanks!)

Upcoming Events/Reminders

  • Tuesday, December 15th
  • School Board Meeting (7:00)

  • Wednesday, December 16th
  • Covenant Village Winter Sing (12:40-1:50)

  • Friday, December 18th
  • Holiday Party (2:45)
  • Winter Break begins

  • Monday, January 4th
  • School Resumes

  • Monday, January 18th
  • No School MLK Day

  • Tuesday, January 19th
  • Field Trip to The Grove (Sanchez & Collins)

Ask Your Child About.....

* Winter Sing
* Watching the movie Cars
* Buddies & Snowflakes
* Finishing the book, Rump
* Our new Read aloud, Grayson


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