Come to Orlando Florida!

By Gabe Diver


Orlando Florida is a great place! It is home to many theme parks and is just an awesome place. It has beaches and other cool things. read more in the next paragraphs!
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Orlando has a humid subtropical climate. Which means its usually hot and rainy in one season (lasting from May to September), and it's fairly dry and mostly cool in one season (lasting from October to April). in the hot season, it is the perfect weather for swimming! Also for boating and other water related activities.
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There are many tourist attractions in Orlando, such as Disney land, a theme park owned by the company Disney. Another tourist attraction is Universal Orlando, owned by Universal studios. They also have beaches to swim at! Many people also come because of all the movie studios, giving it the nickname, "Hollywood east"


Orlando Florida is a very industrial and high-tech state. It is home to Central Florida Research Park, the 7th largest research park in the continent! It is also home to a missile facility! another cool thing is that it is the home of olive garden and LongHorn steak houses parent company.