Water and its changes

What changes occurred?

Water and what it is used for

Water was mainly used for growing crops on farms, ranches, villages, and orchards throughout the Okanagan. Water is also used to clean your body, to drink and keep yourself healthy. It may also be used to cook your food.
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Where did water come from?

Water was formed by special water molecules and water molecules were formed by hydrogen and oxygen atoms. The water we are using today is the same water they used 1000 years ago, it is just a water cycle. there is never new water.
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How has water affected people?

Water has affected where the people on our earth settle. Water also affects are appearance, once you have a shower you would eventually come clean, if you don't have a shower you stay dirty and when you go out and talk to someone, they may think you smell bad. Washing machines are used to clean your clothes. (this fits into your appearance)
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How has water affected where people settle?

People tend to settle near big bodies of water because it can be used for transportation, agriculture, and to help themselves and there environment. they can help themselves by growing crops, and fishing for there food.
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How has water affected the environment?

Most of the cities have made investments to attract people towards there environment. A common way to attract people towards your environment would be using water rides at amusement parks. Water can also affect the environment by growing crops and then that makes business and then we would recieve the food that gets sold to us.
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Water 150 years ago

Water 150 years ago was used to help towns and villages grow in population and in business. Growing crops was good for business. To help to growing, wells where used to make this growing faster.
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How water has helped transportation

To transport goods from place to place using water they use big barges to carry the metal crates on them. The metal crates are loaded onto the ship by a metal crane. Water makes this easier to transport food because that way they wouldn't have to worry about the busy roads. It would be the exact same for people.
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What could we do to save our water?

To save our water from water pollution we could take shorter showers, shallow baths, wash full loads of laundry, maybe even wash a couple dishes by hand, and don't let the water run while brushing your teeth or shaving.
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By Justin Sheehan