Whales In Captivity

My Thesis

In the movie Blackfish, Gabriela Cowperthwaite is successful at showing that whales in captivity act differently than they do when they are in the ocean by showing us their actions that they do to their trainers and other whales.

Example 1: Whales vs Whales

Whales in captivity fight with other whales that they are by because they get angry that they are trapped. This is effective to show that whales are meant to be free. The image below is illustrating how this whale has scratches and their marks because it got beat up by the other whales that were in the tank with them.
Big image

Example 2: Dawn's Disaster

Dawn worked as a seaworld trainer for 15 years being both cautious and the best trainer there. One day she was with Tilikum and could tell that he was not acting right. When she went into the water to bond with Tilikum, she was brutally killed. The workers at Seaworld had gotten interviewed and she had gotten blamed for her death. In the picture below it shows how much Dawn really cared about Tilikum.
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Example 3: The Dangers of Being a Trainer

In the pictures below it shows how the trainers are being pulled into the water or being pulled under the water with the whales. The Seaworld trainers did not know at the time what was really happening with all these trainers deaths until later on in life. The employees and the newscasters were told it was just a trainer error because they did not want bad publicity and they did not want the trainers quitting.


Before watching the film, I did not really know that whales would go after their trainers that care for them. After watching the film, I feel bad how whales are separated from their families and are trapped with no freedom. I also think that it is wrong for Seaworld to not tell their workers the truth about all the deaths and injuries of other trainers.