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Milk for infants

Milk for infants - In its composition, goat's milk is a product closest to mother's milk. That's why it anciently used for feeding children deprived for some

reason the mother's milk. It is much more useful than infant formula, abounding "chemistry."
Allergy retreat - In his book "Childhood diseases" Luule Viilma writes that the best way to get rid of allergies - goat milk. "Therapeutic effect of goat grow taller 4 idiots review

milk is different, but there comes no earlier than a week. If an allergic rash initially increases, then it is a sign of purification, saying that the amount

of milk should be increased to 0.5 liters per day ... Along with goat's milk allergy cures anemia, lack of appetite, acidity, peptic ulcer disease, asthma

and so on. "
Recipes with pine needles for beauty and health
We've written recently about the beneficial qualities of tea from pine needles and give practical recipes for the use of needles, but it turns out, this use

of the options available product is not over. Read another selection - some of these recipes you will definitely come in handy!
Tea from pine twigs can drink to enhance immunity, removal of radionuclides and regeneration after severe illnesses. In such an unusual tea, you can add more

familiar herbs: mint, St. John's wort, lemon balm, linden, chamomile, strawberry leaves, cherry twigs, etc. Drinking tea can be in any amount during the day.