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January 23rd

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Incentives you can earn today!

Introducing your Glam Rewards, with more opportunities to earn than ever before!

12/29 – 1/31 Start Like a Boss

Just what you needed- a reason to BOOK your January, starting now! Your Trunk Shows are the most strategic part of your business! This is where you offer the best service, and meet people to book future shows with and sponsor too. As an extra incentive for booking and selling in January, earn this planner with 500QV. Aim to qualify and it's yours!

Sell 500 PQV 12/29 through 1/31 and have your best year with the S&D exclusive Happiness Planner!

12/29 – 6/30 Roll Like a Boss, and Trip for 1 or Trip for 2

Level 1: Roll into Hoopla like a boss with the VIP Style BOSS Hoopla Pass (think VIP access to special Hoopla events and other exclusive perks!) and NEW Trunk Show Jewelry Roller! Earn this with 25,000 Points (12,500 PQV minimum)

Level 2: Earn your all-expense paid Trip for 1 to Grand Velas Riviera Maya with 45,000 points (22,500 PQV minimum)

Level 3: Earn your all-expense paid Trip for 2 to Grand Velas Riviera Maya with 75,000 points (22,500 PQV minimum)

January 2017 Hostess Bonus

What is the January Hostess Bonus?
January Hostess Bonus is a special incentive exclusively for Hostesses where they can earn an extra $50 in Style Rewards when they host a Trunk Show Thursday, December 29ththrough Tuesday, January 31st at 9pm PT that has $500+ in sales and at least 4 unique orders!

What Trunk Shows are eligible for the January Hostess Bonus?
All Trunk Shows hosted December 29th – January 31st are eligible if they have at least $500 in sales and 4+ unique orders. Only orders entered between December 29th – January 31st at 9pm PT on Trunk Shows hosted in that time frame will count towards the qualifications for a Hostess to earn the additional $50 in Style Rewards.

How can a Hostess earn this? What is a “Qualified” Trunk Show?
A Hostess will earn this when her Trunk Show is held during the promotion time frame and orders placed during the promotion time frame reach at least $500 in Retail sales AND 4+ unique orders before Wednesday, Tuesday, January 31st at 9pm PT.

How will a Hostess receive this bonus?
Once she has qualified, the extra $50 in Style Rewards will automatically appear in her cart at check out.

Do the January Hostess Bonus Style Rewards expire?
Yes, Just like normal Hostess Style Rewards, the extra $50 will expire 6 months after the Trunk Show end date.

How do Style Rewards work?
Click here for the Hostess Style Rewards chart.

I held a Trunk Show after 12/29, but it didn’t qualify until after 1/31. Is my Hostess eligible for the extra $50 in Style Rewards?

Unfortunately, only Trunk Shows that are held AND qualify between December 29th – January 31st 9pm PT are eligible for the extra $50 in Style Rewards.

I held a Trunk Show during the qualifying timeframe, but it didn’t qualify until after 1/31. Is my Hostess Eligible for the extra $50 in Style Rewards?

Unfortunately, only Trunk Shows that are held AND qualify between December 29th – January 31st 9pm PT are eligible for the extra $50 in Style Rewards.

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JANUARY 2017 SIGN UP SPECIAL - 12/29/16 - 1/31/17

Last week of sponsoring special so make sure you invite your potentials to our Meet Stella and Dot on Southern Charms


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What are the dates of the Sign Up Special?
This special begins on Thursday 29th December and ends Tuesday January 31st at 9pm PT!

How does the Sign Up Special work?

Any Stylist who signs during the incentive period will automatically receive an additional $100 in sample credits. In addition, when they sell 1,000 in personal qualifying volume (PQV) within the first 30 days as a Stylist (we call this a “Quick Start”!), they’ll receive a rebate for the cost of the basic starter kit ($199) back on their Pay Portal account* AND the upline will receive a $100 cash bonus!

*All Stella & Dot Stylists get their commissions paid on a Pay Portal.

How will the upline receive the $100 cash bonus?

The upline will receive a $100 cash bonus when their new sponsor who joins 12/29/17 – 1/31/17 hits their Quick Start. The cash bonus will be added to their Pay Portal account within 30 days of the new Stylist achieving Quick Start.

How does a new Stylist receive this extra $100 in product credit?

An additional $100 will be automatically loaded to the account for the Stylist to use within her first 7 days to purchase samples.

Do I have to use my product credit within certain dates?
Yes, you must use all product credit, including your additional $100 within your first 7 days as a Stylist. Please note, the day a Stylist signs up counts as day 1.

How can a new Stylist track sales towards the Starter Kit rebate?

Quick Start sales can be tracked in the Jumpstart tracker in your Stylist Lounge! Go to Reports, then My Jumpstart. From there, click on the My Rewards Tracker tab and you’ll see total PQV on the tracker and your Quickstart end date on the right!

How does a new Stylist receive their Starter Kit rebate?

Once you sell 1,000 PQV within your Quickstart, $199 will be loaded on to your Pay Portal account (your paycheck!). These rebates will be paid with your commissions payouts, but may take up to one month to be paid after earning.

I just missed this deadline! Can I still take advantage of the special?

No, unfortunately you cannot. Stylists must sign up during the dates of Thursday 29th December through Tuesday 31st January at 9pm PT to be eligible for this special.

I signed up on 12/29 but before this special was announced. Am I still eligible?

Yes! You may initially see just the normal amount of product credit in your account, but our team will be manually adding in your extra $100 i Product Credits on 12/30 so you can sample right away! And of course, any and all sales will count towards your Quickstart total to earn the $199 rebate!

I know a former Stylist who is thinking about coming back. Can she take advantage of this Sign Up Special?
We’d love to have her back! If she left Stella & Dot less than 6 months ago, she will not need to sign up fresh, so she will not be able to take advantage of the sign up special. This would also mean she does not have a Jumpstart and would therefore not be eligible to earn the $199 rebate by earning Quickstart. If she left more than 6 months ago, then she will sign up fresh and can also get the Sign Up Special! Either way, she will need to start by calling the Delight Center to update her former account so she can sign up again, and they will be more than happy to walk her through the specifics. The process of updating her former account can take a couple days, though, so don’t wait until the last minute so there is no risk she misses the end date of the Sign Up Special!

Top 10 in sales

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Congrats to all who have Qualified 1 Stylist

Christine Swartz

Samantha Calcagni

Amanda Pollice

Jena Green

Elizabeth Bein

Leslie Cumbow

Sarah Roeske

Catarina Cronquist

Elizabeth Smith

Stephanie Miller

Tiffany Smith

Debra Zawadzki

Jessica Spence

Erica Williams

Lauren Sproles

Mary Oden

Tristen Satterlee

Sonia Kaye

Way to go Jumstart Earners!!

Leaping over $900

Samantha Calcagni $946

Jennifer Blanchett $945

Lauren Hertling $905

Jumping over $800

Clara Miles $858

Earned over $500

Megan Neff $568

Jessica Spence $542

Tiffani Cox-kuchyt $529

Earned over $400

Amber Ewen $483

Debra Zawadzki $464

Amanda Knight $455

Ali Tartacoff $440

Lauren Sproles $434

Ashley Johnson $434

Marissa Gutzmann $422

Jaclyn Alexander $414

Patti Kelly $414

Britney Kirby $412

Katie Lienhart $405

Earned over $300

Lauren Arthur Compton $399

Haley Hrovat $386

Rebecca Creighton $370

Nicole Burke $347

Heather Daugherty $346

Heather Winterland $343

Teresa Rudd $340

Amanda Grist $330

Christa Henderson $328

Haley Wissinger $325

Jenna Siffringer $323

Naruemon Cheatham $320

Jessica Showalter $319

Brittany Boehmer $318

Sallie Foster $318

Virginia Hilton $314

Caleigh Kocot $311

Jamie Park $310

Cassondra Price $310

Ashley Quinlivan $310

Gina Van De Voorde $305

Camille Overcash $305

Shannon Cassidy $300

Earned Over $200

Kathryn Novak $298

Rachele Schaefers $298

Andrea Bergman $296

Amanda Shampine$295

Catarina Cronquist $294

Meagan Wright $292

Stephanie Kasner $291

Rachel Breitzka $291

Leslie Kline $289

Laya San Martin $285

Catherine soles $285

Kianna Price $280

Jodie Morgan $277

Jennifer Kellogg $276

Marisha Mukerjee $273

Kimberly Marsh $271

Colleen Hall $270

Cassandra Elverum $269

Whitney Smith $268

Whitney Playl $264

Lynette Addair $262

Michaela Edwards $261

Megan Musgrove $261

Autumn Agugliaro $258

Lisa Lawson $255

Scotty Thornton $255

Claire Pichon $251

Katie Kreinberg $248

McKenzie Schulte $247

Katherine Lusk $247

Lex Beiniks $243

Bridget Hills $242

Victoria Walmsley $237

Kayla Satterlee $237

Shaylene Eitel $231

Michelle Hawkins $230

Rcik Myskey $227

Heather Hudson $227

Julie Smiy $227

Nikki Carrington $227

Mandy Schnelten $225

Kirsten Hansen $213

Ryann Samsel $211

Kristin McLaurin $210

Peggy Matzen $203

Earned Over $100

Jamie Lemons $162

Carrie Kolasky $162

Kaitlynn Woodward $142

Samantha Andrus $129

Vanessa Mason $124

Emily Anderson $122

Stefania Kawaley $114

Kayla Jones $114

Sarak Wilson $109

Alexandra klaff $109

Rebecca Rodriguez $106

Shannon Grey $105

Megan Simpson $101

Amanda Atkinson $101

Weekly Opportunity Calls & Webinars

Opportunity Webinar with Stella & Dot VP of Training, Danielle Redner

Thursday, January 26, 2017 3:00 PM - 3:30 PM EST

Join Stella & Dot VP of Training, Danielle Redner, and special guest, Director: Melissa Catuogno, on a special call to learn about Stella & Dot's groundbreaking opportunity. Stella & Dot is not only a big idea, it's a smart business that works. Tune in to hear more.

These calls are for prospective Stella & Dot Stylists and their families. Get the chance to ask questions and have them answered live! The event will be accessed through a Webex conference.

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:
Or iPhone one-tap (US Toll): +18557494750,662164210# or +14156550001,662164210#
Or Telephone:
Dial: +1-855-749-4750 (US Toll Free) or +1-415-655-0001(US Toll)
Meeting ID: 662 164 210

International numbers available: https://stelladotevents.webex.com/cmp3100/webcomponents/widget/globalcallin/globalcallin.do?siteurl=stelladotevents&serviceType=EC&eventID=490041742&tollFree=1

Star+ Leader Call

Monday, January 30, 2017 1:00 PM - 1:30 PM EST

This call is for Star Stylists+ to hear updates and inspiration from Home Office!
Dial In: (800) 747-5150 | Access Code: 2390843
For more Home Office Coaching calls and call recordings:


Style BOSS Meet Stella & Dot and Style Event

Style BOSS Meet Stella & Dot and Style Event

Style BOSS Meet Stella & Dot and Style Event

Tuesday, January 31, 2017 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM EST



Hope Everyone has a great Week!! Let me know if you need anything!

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