FMS Tech and Media Newsletter

Holiday Edition

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I know we are all excited about our well deserved time off, but before we go please remember to do the following things:

  • LOCK all classroom doors that house Chromebook Carts
  • Place all Chromebooks in the cabinets for charging and LOCK doors ( I will bring keys by soon).
  • You can leave the Chromebooks charging during the break the battery will automatically stop charging one it is at 100%.
  • Leave your desktop computer on, but turn your monitor off.

Strawberry Mansion High School

At sometime during the break please take a few minutes to view these 2 videos about a school in one of Philadelphia's most dangerous neighborhoods, and the principal who has chosen to lead them. As you watch, just remember that our kids are capable and need lots of love and patience. Our job is a hard one, but it is one can be done. Teaching is a work or heart. Enjoy your holidays and well deserved rest. Come back ready to change the world, one student at a time. You All are HEROS and SHEROS. I see your capes flying in the wind.
Inside Strawberry Mansion High School, Philadelphia, Pa Most Dangerous H S in America
Linda Cliatt-Wayman: How to fix a broken school? Lead fearlessly, love hard