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March 30th - April 3rd

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Dear Le Monde Families,

I hope all is well with everyone as we navigate this noteworthy period of history. Today we met for the first time as a staff (virtually) and began to develop our plan for the remainder of the year. Our goal was to begin the first steps of an educational plan that will allow us to finish out the remainder of the school year without placing a huge burden on everyone. Throughout the week, staff will be reaching out to you as they share their schedule and the platform they will use to deliver assignments.

As we work through this stretch of distant learning, please know we are aware that many of you are working from home during this period too. We do not expect you to have school for six hours and try to work at the same time. Our goal will be to create lessons that will allow children to work independently within a 90 minute time frame. We only ask that you help facilitate learning activities for your child to the best of your ability with the assignments that our staff will send your way.

We deeply appreciate the flexibility and trust you have afforded us as Le Monde continues to navigate these uncharted waters. Our school year will now officially end on May 15th, and while education will undoubtedly look different over the next six weeks, please know that we remain committed to you and your family.


Lance Seeright

Executive Director

Le Monde International School

Lunch Grab and Go

Remember if you need breakfast or lunch, make sure you click on the link below. You can use any school that's listed and it doesn't matter whether you qualify for free/reduce lunch. It's a grab and go service, so please make sure you take advantage of this service if you need it.


All end of year celebrations and our Obstacle Course Race have been postponed. As we get closer to the end of the 2019-2020 school year, different plans will be explored regarding all activities and celebrations. We will look at alternative dates once we have clearance to schedule events with larger gatherings.

Student personal items

You will be able to collect your child's personal items as soon as safely possible. In following the “Shelter in Place,” order (March 28 through April 16), collection of items may be closer to the end of the school year. We will be establishing a sign-up for families to pick-up student belongings once we have been giving clearance to do so. I will send more information as we get closer to April 16th.