Spring break

By: Dennisha Mable

Being sick on the first weekend

I was sick on the first weekend. My brother and boyfriend had caught that stomach virus going around and i had to sit in between both of them so they can sick by the door just case they get sick. Around 6 to 7:00 p.m. i had to go to the hospital and i had what they had so my first weekend was BAD.

chilled, watched tv, and went to town

The whole week i was out i spent the night with my grandma me and Otis. I had told her i spend spring break with her. So the whole week we chilled and went to town and that night came we had went home. The whole night me and Otis stayed up ate snack, watched tv, talked, played around a little bit, and chilled. We didn't go to sleep tile like the next morning.
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went to Albany

This weekend before school break we went to Albany to pay for our house and land. My mother bought her own House brand new with land. so now we cleaning the land and fixing it up like we want too an d when we get done the company where my ma bought her house from going to bring it down here and set it up like she want it.
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