Capulin Volcano

Capulin Location

Location: US New Mountain 36.4, 104.1W
Elevation: 8,182ft (2,494m)
15 miles of lava flows are outside the monument boundaries.
Height: 1300ft above the surrounding plains and at it's base is 4 miles
800 acres

Last Eruption

Capulin last eruption is approximately 60,000 years ago. It is also long extinct. The Capulin volcano did not or rarely have any human deaths.
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The slopes of volcano have been partially stabilized by the breakdown of the volcanic material by lichens and mosses.

Soils formed grass, wildflowers, shrubs, and trees took roots.

Capulins Material

The type of products my volcano produce/has is cinder and ash. It's very explosive, tall, and very steep sides.
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Capulin Shape

The cinders are glassy and contains gas bubbles frozen into the place as the magma explodes and is thrown into the air and is cooled quickly. It's basically made up of ash, NOT LAVA.