Friday's Thoughts

May 19, 2017


We have had some sickness in our school over the past few weeks and need to take precautions to keep everyone as well as possible as we finish school. One virus is Shigella which does not respond to hand sanitzer. This is an infectious virus that causes upset stomach, fever, and stomach aches. Please stop using hand sanitizer and go back to having students wash their hands with soap and water as this is most effective for stopping the spread of disease. Make sure you wipe down your desks and tables with clorox wipes and spray your classrooms with clorox spray each day. Leave your classroom doors open at the end of the day so that your room can air out. Mr. Jim, Ms. Darlene, and Ethan will clean restrooms, water fountains, and door knobs each day.

Thank you!

SLO/SAFE T Meetings

Mark your calendars for your end of the year evaluation meeting:

Monday, May 22nd: Kyle at 11:30 and Litz at 11:50

Tuesday, May 23rd: Reeves at 8:15, Bryant at 11:30, and Daughtry at 11:50

Wednesday, May 24th: Fousek at 12:50, Cannon at 1:15

Thursday, May 25th: Callaham at 12:50, Richards at 1:15, D.Hughes at 1:45

Friday, May 26th: Mitchell at 12:50, Cothran at 1:45, Clardy at 2:10

Annie is Thursday, May 25th. It is going to be amazing!

Library Summer Hours

Our library will be open for summer reading on the following dates: June 14th from 1:00-4:00, July 12th from 9:00-12:00, and August 2nd from 1:00-4:00. Please encourage your students to come and read! We will advertise this as well. Let's work to keep them reading this summer.

We will have summer tutoring for students who really need it in reading. Please submit student's names to me by next Wednesday who may benefit from tutoring. It will be here at our school.

End of the Year Check-Out

I will be sending an end of the year check out form to you next week.

Have a great weekend!