Amelia Island


The weather in Amelia Island is warm and sometimes rainy. there is lots of Palm trees. When its rainy you cant bring the golf carts out because of slipping on sharp turns. Its is mostly humid all the time.


Here in Florida the most common food is fruit. The Most common is the orange. Some places make orange juice from crushed oranges.
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Shark Fishing is big of the beach usually trhe whole beach is filling with pulls fishing or boat on the water.
Amelia Island Shark 3


Amelia Island is a big shopping place. There is a big plaza of just shopping. And some Restaurants. They have lots of Beach stores for clothing a goggles and etc. Almost everywhere you go you will see stores with souvenirs.

Places to go

Good places to go is to the para sailing place. I had lots of fun doing Para Sailing. I also Went on a jet ski.My all time favorite was the putt putt golfing. there where five different courses. There was also some of the best golf courses i have played.