The DCMS Bat Signal: 2/4/19

Super me, super you, everyday heroes make dreams come true.

Good Morning Team DCMS Superheroes!


Good afternoon! I wanted to celebrate our NWEA results! They are promising for sure!

Looking at the last several years of ISTEP math data and the last two years of NWEA math data, I am encouraged. I am seeing a steady upward trend in students who demonstrate proficiency and/or are predicted to pass the spring state assessment. We are making steady gains in math performance overall with a 7.7% increase in ISTEP math performance over the last three years. In the 7th and 8th grade we are making adjustments in terms of the rigor of our curriculum in order to help our students achieve where we believe they should be. A dip in winter NWEA performance is normal, but we would like to believe that Danville students are better than normal. The timing of the 7th and 8th-grade NWEA testing may also have contributed to the lower performance of our students, as they tested immediately upon returning from winter break.

In English, we are making steady gains in ELA performance overall with a 5% increase in ISTEP ELA performance over the last three years. I am more than pleased with the winter NWEA performance, as all grade levels showed excellent growth!

*The 14-15 ISTEP test was the first administration of the new, more rigorous test in both content areas.

I am so very proud of the work you are doing. We continue to get better each day. Your collaboration and hard work during PLC, prep time, and department time is paying off in reading more students with first-time instruction. Continue to push to build in time DURING class to intervene with those who are not mastering your formative assessments while pushing those who did master to extend their learning. We CAN do this! I believe in each one of you!

Have a wonderful week!

NWEA Math - Winter Results

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NWEA ELA - Winter Results

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A Cup Above Catering: This Friday!

A Cup Above Catering will be here Friday morning starting at 9 AM. If you would like to pre-order your beverage, Tisha will be placing an order form in staff mailboxes. Please complete your pre-order form and submit it to Tisha no later than 8 AM Friday morning. YUM!

Can you believe it? There are only 14* more Mondays left in 2018 - 2019!

Time is flying by. As you work with your PLC, do a double check that you are hitting your most critical, most tested standards prior to the Ilearn testing. If any adjustments need to be made, now is the time.

*I am not counting the Monday after Memorial Day without students.

New Electronic Leave Form Process

We are in full swing with using Frontline as our online leave request system. It is important to note that on "day of absences", you must still text or call Marsha or Dave in addition to completing the online form. As well, through the month of February, we are all required to complete a paper request, in addition, to be sure a substitute gets ordered and paid. This time of extra work is short-lived but necessary to be sure our transition is smooth.

Band Sectionals During Goal Starting Mid-February for 7/8

This week, you will receive a communication from Mr. Sharf regarding the new sectional practice rotations that will take place during Goal for 7th and 8th-grade students. This communication will include a spreadsheet that details which students will attend sectional practice each day of the week and will let you know when the start date is. Please print this spreadsheet for your daily reference.

For the first few weeks, Goal teachers will be responsible for taking attendance for the students who are participating in the sectional rotations, so students need to check in with Goal teachers prior to going to sectional rotations. We are looking into the possibility of adding Mr. Sharf as an additional teacher to the Goal sections, so he can eventually own the attendance in accordance with the spreadsheet.

Upcoming Events

  • Counselor Appreciation Week - 2/4 - 2/8
  • Midterm Grading Window Opens - 2/6 - You can start posting grades on the 6th.
  • Midterm Grades MUST be posted by 3:30 PM on 2/8
  • A Cup Above Catering - Friday, 2/8, from 9 AM - 10:30 AM; you may preorder!
  • President's Day - Monday, 2/18, SCHOOL IS IN SESSION
  • DLTA Rep Meeting - Friday, 2/8, @ 1 PM
  • School Board Mtg - Monday, 2/11, @ SE in the cafe starting at 6:30 PM
  • PTO Mtg - Monday, 2/25, @ 3:30 PM in the office conference room

Upcoming Meetings

  • PLC - Wednesday, 2/6, in The Bat Cave @7:25 AM
  • Faculty Mtg - Special Presenter - Tuesday, 2/12, in The Bat Cave @7:25 AM
  • PLC - Wednesday, 2/13, in The Bat Cave @7:25 AM
  • Department Head Mtg w/Marsha - Tuesday, 2/19, @ 3:30 PM.
  • PLC - Wednesday, 2/20, in The Bat Cave @7:25 AM
  • Department Mtgs - Tuesday, 2/26, @7:25 AM; locations TBD by Department Heads
  • PLC - Wednesday, 2/27, in The Bat Cave @7:25 AM


  • Shorts, Longs, & Coaching Observations – Expect that we will be visiting frequently and maybe even multiple times in a week.

  • Attendance Must Be Taken EACH Period – Attendance must be taken each period. This is not optional and cannot continue to be forgotten. At this point, this is considered a minimum performance expectation.

  • Cell Phone Violations Procedures are found here at the following link. Please familiarize yourself with the process.
  • Friday School / Detention Supervisor Sign-Up – Please sign up to supervise a Friday School or Detention for the good of the school culture using the links below. Detentions will now be on Thursday AM and Thursday PM.

Detention -

Friday School -

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About Us: Mission & Collective Commitments

We are a collaborative group of educators committed to ensuring high student achievement.

We commit to…

  1. Focusing on student proficiency of Indiana College & Career Readiness standards, not just coverage of material.
  2. Working collaboratively to benefit all students with a focus on results.
  3. Join forces to learn by doing on a daily basis.
  4. Using frequent common assessments that inform and drive our instruction.
  5. Providing intervention and enrichment based upon the formative data.
  6. Furthering a culture that uses value-added language, encourages one another, and celebrates successes.