• They don't decorate until Deciembre 16th
  • Deciembre 16th is the first of the nine days when they celebrate Christmas
  • They have a big feast (Tamales, Bacalao, Pozole, Pavo)
  • They decorate with greens (reefs, christmas trees)
  • purpose is to celebrate birth of Jesus Christ

  • young children hit pinatas, and receive their gifts from the three kings on January 6th

  • Families get together

Navidad is the Spanish Christmas.

Dia De Los Muertos

  • families gather in churches, cemeteries, and in homes

  • pray for the ones they lost

  • usually celebrated on Noviembre 2nd

  • some celebrate for more than a few days

  • family members prepare an elaborate altar, that is decorated with flowers, fruits, popular foods, sweets, and drinks

  • pan de muerto (bread of the dead) is a sweet bread brought to families during this time

Semanta Santa

  • people get time off work\school

  • towns have fairs

  • the fairs have amusement park rides, games, food\snacks

  • some snacks are empanadas and quesadillas

  • empanadas are meat, cheese, or vegetable turnovers

  • quesadillas are tortillas that are either baked or fried with cheese

  • religious holiday

Ano Nuevo

  • celebrated on Enero 1st

  • have a late night dinner

  • close friends and family are invited

  • people go to parties and festivals

  • when the clock strikes 12am they yell “feliz año nuevo”

  • they believe that wearing red underwear will give them good luck with love the new year

  • also, wearing yellow underwear will bring them good luck with money

  • a tradition on this holiday is to eat 12 grapes before the clock strikes 12, they do this to represent every 12th hour before the new year.


A birthday that is more important than others would be someones Quinceanera, which is a Fifteenth Birthday of a Girl. It is more important because this is when a girl becomes a women and is celebrated like a wedding with religious and non religious elements.


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