Integumentary Sytem

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What is the intergumentary system?

The intergumentary system is made up of Skin, hair and nails.There are two layers of skin the epidermis layer and the dermis layer.The epidermis layer is the layer that you see.This layer has no blood.It also is the layer that protects you!The dermis layer is the layer underneath the epidermis.This layer has blood vessels and blood.Hair is made up of dead cells that are mushed together and forced to come out of our head to produce a strong protein called Keratin. Nails are also made of Keratin and dead cells.The purpose of nails is to protect our fingers.

The five functions of the integumentary system

The primary function of the integumentary system is to act like a barrier to protect our bodies from outside forces.It also helps our bodies regulate the body tempeture and to protect against bacteria and diseases.It also eliminates waste product and to retain water.

Diseases and treatment

One of the diseases you can get in the intergumentary system is skin cancer. This usually happens when a person does not have a lot of melanin cells to protect

there skin.Melinine cells are the thing that gives your body pigment.People with fair skin will be more likely to get skin cancer if they are in the sun. Symptoms of this skin Cancer is moles or bumps on your skin.You may also have sores that are not healing.The doctor you would see for skin cancer is a dermatologist.There are many ways to cure skin cancer.You can have lotion prescribed to you.You can also have surgery that cuts the tumor out in a circular way. Another disease you can get is a rash.More than likely you have probably had a rash before.This can happen when something irritates your skin like lotion,fabric, even heat ect. Some symptoms of rashes is your skin will be red and bumpy .Some rashes itch.The doctor you would go to see is a dermitologist. Usally most rashes are treatable and easy to cure.If not the doctor will take a skin biopsy and take further actions from there.Some rashes are cured with over the counter medicines .There is a wide range in how to treat rashes.Athletes foot is the most common disese on your feet caused by fungi. This condition usually is caused by touch of infected skin or your feet touching fungi.Some symptoms of Athletes foot is that your foot looks like there is crust on it.Your foot may be itchy.The doctor you would see for this is also a dermotologist.The treatment you would use is to air out your feet.Let your feet breathe again and try not to wear tight shoes.You will also want to put a cream on both feet.