President Andrew Jackson

He adds up to zero.

From "Humble" to "Overlord."

Andrew Jackson was born in 1767 in the backwoods of the Carolina's. He had a very poor education until his teens where he studied law. He later got his name out in the world by winning the battle of New Orleans in 1812. He later ran for president loosing to John Quincy Adams, but he didn't give up he came back and was elected president due to popular vote. During his presidencies Andrew Jackson did some good things but he also did a lot of bad things like the trail of tears.
Andrew Jackson: Good, Evil, and the Presidency

The Trail of Tears

Andrew Jackson the zero

The Trail of Tears was when Andrew Jackson forced Native Americans off there land. I think he should have been Impeached because no matter who told him he couldn't do this he still did it. The states did not have the power to kick the Indians off there land but Andrew Jackson did not care and said the rules did not apply to him. A lot of Indians died on the trail of tears including children and sometimes entire family's because the Natives were not used to traveling in the cold. He trampled the constitution and life's were lost because of this.

King Andrew

Andrew Jackson used the "Spoils System" in order to gain more votes. Though the spoils system may keep you in office longer it also puts unqualified people in jobs they can't do. He also over used the veto and trampled the constitution. He was like a king in that way not listing to people who he really should listen to.