Delaware Colony

By:Abby and Audrey

Who founded it, Why was it founded, and other info.

Today we are going to tell you some useful Info. on the Delaware Colony. It was founded in 1638 by Peter Minuit. He founded it hoping for an agricultural opportunity. Now that you know about who, when, and why it was founded there is some random but cool information you should know.
The Delaware Colony had many different resources, such as cattle ,grain , rice, dye, wheat, farmland, timber, furs,coal, and iron ore. They ship big blocks of iron to England for good manufacturing.Nearly all of the Delaware Colony is built on water. Delaware had slaves, and around 1660 there was around 540 settlers.

Landforms,Climate,Jobs,and Common Activities

Some landforms from the Delaware Colony are flat lowland and the Alantic Coastal plain.

The climate includes warm summers (above 80 degrees) and mild winters (under 74 degrees).

There are a variety of jobs in the Delaware colony, it includes being a farmer ,tailor, glass blower, silver smith, and a brick maker. The big industries were fishing and lumbering. Some common activities are farming or fishing.

Founders, Leaders, People Who Started Change, Interaction with Natives

Along with Peter Minuit,the dutch helped settle it. The Dutch also started change in the Delaware Colony. They also had a very good relationship to the natives, the natives helped with jobs.
One of the leaders is named Thomas McKean, Delaware's 2nd governor and a lawyer. Another leader, the name of Henry Hudson, the first governor of the Delaware colony and sea explorer.