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Clayton Ridge Middle School Nov. and Dec. Awards

Mrs. Stephanie Thomas, K-7 School Counselor/At-Risk

On December 19, we took some time to recognize good character and academic successes at Clayton Ridge Middle School. During this day, students also took part in celebrating good behavior before winter break.

Clayton Ridge Elementary Nov. and Dec. Awards

RAP at Clayton Ridge Elementary

Mrs. Stephanie Thomas, K-7 School Counselor/At-Risk

On January 9, 2018 students at Clayton Ridge Elementary hosted an interactive assembly from the Bureau of Lectures called R.A.P. (Realize Anything is Possible). The presenters delivered an entertaining and energetic presentation using humor, crowd engagement, and hip-hop to help our students realize that anything is possible when they have the right perspective. This was a full production rap concert that used positive music while delivering an encouraging message. They hit on topics such as: literacy, respecting one another’s differences, persevering through obstacles, having an optimistic attitude, reaching goals through self-discipline, and discovering potential.
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Clayton Ridge Elementary PBIS Booster Lessons

Mrs. Stephanie Thomas, K-7 School Counselor/At-Risk

Elementary Students took part in PBIS Booster Lessons today to start the new semester! These lessons included a review of their Eagle Pride expectations across five settings including the Hallway, Playground, Bus, Lunchroom, and Restroom. When students show Eagle Pride they are being Ready, Respectful, Responsible and Safe. What a great start to the second half of our school year!
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Clayton Ridge Middle School Ski Trip

Mrs. Jill Stannard, MS Teacher
Graphics created by Mrs. Deb Henkes, District Technology Integration Coach

Students from Clayton Ridge Middle School in grades 4-8, earned a Ski Trip to Sundown Mountain last week! Good grades, behavior and decisions made by students, allowed them to participate in the merit activity. Students left at 8:30am with all their snow bunny attire! They were on the slopes by 10:30 taking lessons or for the more experienced, zooming down the bullet! Students were able to hang out in the lodge with their teachers while breaking from the hills. Teachers were on the slopes to help students successful complete their first ski lift ride! Many students said it was one of the best days ever! Teachers enjoy this day with students as well. It is nice to spend quality time with students outside of the classroom. Lots of fun memories were made!

Koins for Kids Update

Mrs. Sharon Keehner, HS Business
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CRHS Large Group Speech Participated in the District Large Group Speech Contest

Ms. Nicole Shaw, HS English/Instructional Coach & Speech Coach

The Clayton Ridge Large Group Speech Team performed at Cascade High School on Saturday, January 20 for the IHSSA District Contest.
Madison F. and Paul S. - Ensemble Acting “2B (or Not 2B)” - Division II
Madison F., Paul S., Ivy A., Brooklyn W., Allison T., Claire K., Mariah K., Brandon W., and Michaela B. - Readers’ Theatre “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” - Division II
Allison T. and Emily E - TV News “KHAH” - Division II
Although our season ended, these students did a great job of preparing and performing. Congratulations to all Large Group Speech participants!

Individual Speech sign-ups are happening now. See Ms. Shaw for a list of categories!
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VFW Essay Contest Winner

Mrs. Carole Mackey, MS/HS English

Bernie Maiers (left), Commander of VFW Post 7736 of New Vienna, and Dick Ehlers (right), Quartermaster of VFW Post 11503 of Guttenberg, present Maddelline R., an eighth grade student at Clayton Ridge Community School District, with a certificate and check for her first place finish in the VFW Patriot’s Pen District contest for her essay on the topic “America’s Gift To My Generation". Conducted nationwide, this VFW-sponsored youth essay competition gives students an opportunity to write essays expressing their views on an annual patriotic theme. Maddelline’s winning essay is included below.

America’s Gift To My Generation
“What has America given our generation?”

As one would expect, the list of answers to this question are endless. If you took a handful of people and asked them this question, their answers would be vastly different. We have so much to be proud of in our country; it’s difficult to decide on one answer.

But if we take everyone’s answer and put them together, we would see a common underlying message. Freedom.

This country functions on freedom. Without the privilege of freedom, our country would be an unfair place to live and work. Before our country was almost entirely equal, segregation existed, and women weren’t allowed to vote, among many other obstacles. Many people in today’s generation take this change of history for granted, but the country we live in would be entirely different if not for the change made by American citizens.

We don’t have many country-dividing problems today, but nearly a century ago the same could not be said. Inequality was frequent and the mistreatment of minorities was common. Brave Americans that wanted something to be done rose up and helped lead this country to a bright future. They gifted today’s generation with the right to live without social imbalance. Many of these Americans are now present day veterans.

Saying that veterans are important in our country is quite an understatement. Veterans have always played a key role in our society. While some Americans have inspired change, veterans have made the ultimate sacrifice to ensure it. Not only have they made change, they have verified consistency with our laws. The work they’ve accomplished has allowed our bill of rights to stay in effect, especially the first amendment. Throughout the tests of time, veterans have made a sacrifice to keep this country undivided and strong.

In conclusion, the gift our generation has received can lead to so many possibilities for the future. It’s important for today’s generation to use the opportunities to their advantage to make a better future for the generation ahead. We must also memorialize those who served and gave us the gift of freedom we often take for granted. “Each generation goes further than the generation preceding it because it stands on the shoulders of that generation. You will have opportunities beyond anything we've ever known,” Ronald Reagan.
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Marketing Students Create Disney Projects

Mrs. Sharon Keehner, HS Business
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Annual Chemo Care Kit Service Project

Mrs. Valeria White, HS English

Clayton Ridge Community School District and Springdale Gifts are partnering in the third annual Chemo Care Kit service project benefiting cancer patients. In January and February 2017, students in the Clayton Ridge Community School District teamed up with my side business, Springdale Gifts, and the River Park Cruisers to put together 52 Thirty-One Gifts bags full of goodies for chemo patients at the Medical Associates Clinics’ Oncology/Hematology Department in Dubuque in honor of associate Lynne Finnegan. In February 2018, we will be delivering the kits to the Medical Associates Clinic again, this time in honor of Judy Puls, a long-time Clayton Ridge teacher and eight-year survivor of ovarian and uterine cancer.

Included in the bags are unscented hand sanitizer, unscented lotion, unflavored lip balm, bottled water, water flavor packets, sugar-free hard candy, a puzzle book (crossword, word find, or Sudoku), a coloring book (provided by Springdale Gifts), a journal/notepad, pencils and pens, colored pencils, and a pencil sharpener.

How does this all work? Through the generosity of many of my generous friends, colleagues, and family members who have donated financially, Springdale Gifts is able to provide appropriate Thirty-one Gifts bags. Students and staff who wish to participate donate items to fill the bags. (Note: Springdale Gifts provides the coloring books.) Monetary donations toward the purchase of more bags and items to fill them are also accepted and very much appreciated. Once all the “stuffings” are collected, students will gather after school to fill the bags; several students will accompany me as I deliver the bags to Medical Associates Clinic in Dubuque.

Please note that I do not make anything on this project. All of my commission goes toward purchasing the coloring books and, if I have funds left over, purchasing either additional bags or “stuffings” if we need them.

In the past, we’ve received thank-you notes and encouraging social media posts from patients. One patient wrote, “Loved your gift basket!” The Oncology/Hematology Department staff was equally touched by the benevolence of the Clayton Ridge extended family: “We are blown away by your generosity and kindness. Thank you for remembering the special people who touch our lives daily.” Another wrote, “Thank you so much for the bags. It has been such a joy passing them out to our patients. They have really [brought] smiles to their faces. God bless you all!”

The winter season is a time for giving, and we are often inundated with opportunities to do so. I apologize for adding one more request to the many you’ve already received this year. Donations can be delivered to my classroom (Room 208) or to the middle school or elementary school office by Wednesday, January 31. Kit contents are listed above. Please feel free to address any questions or comments, including ideas for other kit contents, to me (x427) at the high school.
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The WOW Newsletter

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