How did Dinosaurs Go Extinct?

A Project by Gabe Moraru

Many Theories, No Answers

Ever since dinosaur bones were discovered, scientists have asked the question: How did these things die? Obviously, we don't have a definite answer. Many people say that they were wiped out by plague or famine, some say it was a mix of many things. After years of gathering information, most scientists have come to the same conclusion. Over 65 million years ago on Earth, an asteroid hit the Earth's surface. They speculate that it was about 10 kilometers in diameter. When it hit, the atmosphere was covered in a cloud of dust. Plants were not able to grow, which had an impact on the food chain. There may have been large amounts of acid rain as well. Of course, this may all be speculation. Although, there is a big piece of evidence to prove it. That evidence is lying in the Gulf of Mexico. A large crater shows that this asteroid had hit Earth and caused massive tsunamis, flooding most of the North American and South American land. Waves up to 200 feet high zoomed toward coastlines, engulfing anything in it's path. All in all, most people agree that dinosaurs died 65 million years ago to a massive asteroid hitting Earth.