Region 15 CTE Weekly Update

April 6 - April 10, 2020

In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity. - Albert Einstein

So I guess scratch the idea of a weekly newsletter, seems I am headed toward a daily one. Maybe I can figure out how to set this up as a subscribe option instead of emailing it every day. The ESC purchased a Smore subscription and I really like it. If you are interested in using Smore to communicate with your staff or students check out

Here's to another week, we can do this!


Monday - April 6

Good Monday morning everyone!

Rich DePue Welding Lessons

Many of you have participated in a welding certification workshop with Rich DePue the last several years. Rich, along with other certifying entities, have provided 17 online welding courses. The CTE Resources page (link found at top of every newsletter) has the complete listing of courses and related files.

CLNA for Perkins V

This week I am working with school districts to complete the CLNA for Perkins V. Please let me know if you need assistance with this new schedule. Every school must submit the CLNA even if the district will not participate in Perkins V the 20-21 school year.

Tuesday - April 7

Good morning!

I hope this finds you well and ready to tackle another day. Yesterday was a hard day for me but no use in wallowing in my blues. We have work to do.

CTE Summer Professional Development Survey

In an effort to provide the best professional development experience for you, I have created a survey to gather a bit of information.. If you are a CTE educator, will you please take a moment to click on the survey link? Or would you please forward this newsletter or link to your CTE department? Right now we are full speed ahead for summer programming at the ESC, but we are also working on a plan B..C..D if we need it. The survey will hopefully give me somewhere to start in planning.

Wednesday - April 8

Free ServSafe Texas Food Handler course

Don't forget, TEA is updating their COVID 19 Resource page daily

  • Updated TELPAS and LPAC Guidance
  • Updated SAT, ACT, TSIA, AP/IB FAQ
  • *New* Multi-tiered System of Support Intervention Framework
  • Updated COVID 19 Special Education Q&A
  • Updated Guidance for Students Experiencing Homelessness
  • Updated English Learner FAQ
  • *New* At-Home Learning Resources for Students with Disabilities.

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Thursday - April 9

Here we are to Thursday. I hope you have had a productive week. I am doing my best to feel like I accomplish something each day. I certainly don't feel as productive as I do when I am in the office or traveling in the Region. I did learn that the CTAT Summer Conference will be offered in a virtual setting this year. The conference was going to be in Fort Worth, July 20-23. So stay tuned for more info about that event. I expect to see more changes like that this summer.

I don't know where you are in all of this upheaval and disappointment but if I might say, I understand all the uncertainly and worry we all have. I am trying to draw back on my experience three years ago this week, Tuesday actually, when I received the phone call about the results of a biopsy. What a devastating phone call to answer. I was driving to Dallas to receive recognition at the State FCCLA Conference. I pretty much thought it was all over for me. But now looking back, 3 years, I made it. I kinda feel like we all just received a diagnosis; with every cancellation, postponed event and activity. It can feel like it's all over; for us our students and families. But...the next day comes and the next, God willing, and we move forward. It's hard and it hurts but we move. So we all have to move forward, day by day, until we notice it's years later and we made it. So, forgive me for my rambling. It's been a tough week. I hope you can rest and regroup over the long weekend. We will get back to it soon on Monday.

Be well,


Friday - April 10

It's Friday, but Sunday's coming.