Talkin Tico

An informational and instructional newsletter by Sra Seymour

¡Bienvenidos al Español 1!

Welcome to Spanish 1 with NCVPS! My name is Sra. Seymour and I will be your student's guide throughout this online journey. Click the "Meet the Teacher" title below to get to know me a bit more.

Spanish 1

The Spanish 1 NCVPS course is an in-depth course that will challenge students both linguistically, socially, and digitally. Not only will they learn basic Spanish reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills, but they will also widen their global perspective of the world around them through digital learning exercises and connective media. The Spanish 1 course takes the student on a journey throughout the exotic country of Costa Rica. There they will learn colloquial phrases, how to shop in an open air market, how to travel to El Volcan Poas, and the history behind the ox wheel and cart. Costa Rica is a country rich in ecological and cultural history.

What is a Tico? Costa Ricans are sometimes called Ticos. That's why our newsletter is called Talkin Tico!

All the pictures featured in these newsletters will be pictures from my recent Costa Rican travels.

Let's Get Together!

One of the best ways for me to maintain a beneficial relationship with schools and parents, is to have open lines of communication. To that end, there are several methods of contact that is extremely valuable for me, as the teacher, as I work to communicate regularly with you.

Email :
Phone / Text : 919-335-6604

Calls, texts, emails sent after 9 pm will be returned the next day. Calls, texts, or emails sent over the weekend (or on a holiday) will be returned on the next business day (Mon - Fri).

Peer Tutoring Center (PTC)

The Peer Tutoring Center is a dynamic resource for all NCVPS students. Through Blackboard IM, students can get help with Moodle navigation, live classes, or content related material with their instructor is not readily available. Below is a video detailing how students will access the PTC. This has been made available to students as well.

Parent Communication Information

In order to best communicate with parents, up-to-date contact information is vital. As a school, we do not request parent/guardian information from students. Thus, any information you can provide me via email will be invaluable to me as I attempt to stay in touch with you. If you have an alternate email, other phone number that you don't think I have, I'll take any information you'd like to share. Just shoot me an email at Thanks!

Schedule of Assignments

What should your student(s) be working on? Great question! Please check out the Schedule of Assignments here. Students have been encouraged numerous times to print this off and use this as checklist to make sure ALL work is submitted in order and on time. All due dates and assignment closing dates are clearly posted. Closed assignments will not be re-opened.

The Required Live Class (RLC)

The Required Live Class is an invaluable part of our course, as this is where the real teaching takes place. Each student is required to attend one live class per unit, for a total of 10 classes through the semester. They may attend more if they like. In my experience, both the teachers and the students say this is the best part of our course. Need to help your student figure out how to attend and reflect? Check out this video resource below.

Tech components

What are the required tech components for this course? Great question!

Hardware: Computer or laptop, microphone, earphones (if working from school)


Up-to-date add-ons: Java, Quicktime, Adobe Reader (all free)

Browser: Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox (preferred). Chrome is not support by NCVPS nor the Blackboard tools that we use.

Programs: Blackboard IM and Blackboard Collaborate (both free with downloads in our course)

* Blackboard Collaborate does have an app, so students could complete their required live classes using their iPads or tablets

* Important! Chromebooks are NOT compatible with NCVPS Moodle courses.

* Any tech issues or concerns should be communicated to our Virtual Support Center at

Sra. Seymour

Office hours:

Mondays 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Wednesdays 10:00 am - 5: 00 pm

Fridays 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

*Other days and times by appointment

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