Technology Rules For Parents

Parvhpreet Gill 7P #14


parents should not be texting while driving.This is important because you could get into a serious car accident.


Parents should not illegaly download music.This is important because they could possibly get fined 3000 dollars.This is called copyright.


Parents should not give out there personal information to anyone.This is important because people could take your credit card info and say bad things to your family with email.


Parents should not chain letters that were sent to them.Just save and report.This is important because you could get arrested for chaining a bad pic.


Parents should not be a cyber bully to kids.This is important because you could get arrested.Also you will not be a good role model.
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Parents should not sell illegal stuff online like drugs.This is important because You could go to jail for a long time.


Don't use a cell phone for hours on end because you could get glasses or possibly become death.
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Parents should not be putting there own personal pictures on the internet. This is important because you wont get the career you wanted because they saw you drinking at a party.


Parents should not be looking at there childs account for info.This is important because parents could get they wrong thing of what he is writing and write back.


Parents should not be making fake accounts to troll people or take private info.This is important because you could be sent to the cops.
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