Eternal Rest Funeral Home

Where We Will Assure You Will Rest In Peace!

Our focus is to provide the best services!

Have you decided on rather you would like a service for you? Rather you would like to be cremated or bury? Have you decided on what kind of Urns or Casket you would like your remains in? And if a casket, would you want it to be open for viewing? Well come pay us an visit where we can assure you that we can fulfill you and your family needs!

It is not our job to worry you or make you feel uncomfortable, but we want to make sure that your needs are met and less stress on the loved ones in their time of bereavement! Let us have your favorite scripture and/or poem along with your best picture save on file. The music that you would like to be played along with the person who you would want to deliver your eulogy, we want to have taken care of. Rather you would like your service outside, in a church, or our chapel, we will be sure to accommodate that! We provide different type of cars to carry caskets as well as provide car service for the family. Have your tombstone pick out with what you would like engraved! We provide all type of services to fit you and your family needs, but you do not want to wait until it is too late and your family are force to plan this unexpectedly!

Let us put your mind at ease knowing that your service was exactly as you planned it! Our job is focus on you resting in peace.

We Provide: