Teen Crashes car in Mumbilli

Teen driver on his P plates crashes car

Teen car Crash

In Mumbilli tonight there has been a fatal crash near the old scout hall where two are dead and one has suspected spinal injuries.The famous star of the team, Daniel Brennan fuelled by alcohol crashed his car and killed two people and injured one other. Amazingly Daniel Brennan was not injured but ran away from the crash into the bush. The brother of Daniel Brennan said this, " It was so bad, My, my cousin is in a bad way. I can't believe he's done this."

The crash happened after a victory party about winning the sudden death to get the Wattle shield. It is bad that a good party about something great had to end up this way with two deaths and a spinal injury.

Police have the driver in custody and this is what the officer involved said, "This is a horrible thing to happen in our good town, but the driver will likely be facing charges. And I hope he gets a bad sentence for he deserves everything he gets." We do not know when he will be facing court but from what we know he will be in his near future.