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Nordic Combined (Sports Description)

Nordic Combined is a sport that is performed at the annual Winter Olympics by all competing skiers. Now for those of you who have never heard of this sport, Nordic Combined is a sport in which athletes compete in both cross country skiing and ski jumping. Nordic Combined is a sport based completely on skill. If you're a person who are interested in Winter Olympics and skiing, this is the perfect place for you.

Brian Gregg

Brian Gregg began his career at a very young age. It all started for Brian when he and his twin brother were given a pair of skis and poles. After mastering the art of learning to ski, Brian quickly fell in love with ski races and ski trips. Brian soon made skiing his life which also became his career later in life.

Brian Gregg's Career Summary

Brian Gregg has been taking part in the Winter Olympics for a numerous amount of years. Gregg has been a part of the US Winter Olympics Team since his first year taking part in the Winter Olympics. Brian Gregg puts so much hard work and energy into his races because skiing is Brian's number one passion in life. He and his wife are both skiers for the US Winter Olympics Team which may be another reason for his hard work and effort.

Nordic Combined Sport Description

Nordic Combined

Nordic Combined Competition

24.02.2013 - Nordic Skiing WC -Val di Fiemme (ITA) - Nordic Combined : Team normal hill/4 × 5 km

Nordic Combined Large Hill Jump ((full event))

Nordic Combined Large Hill Jump Complete Event | Vancouver 2010

Individual Nordic Combined Run

Nordic Combined - Individual Normal Hill - Complete Event - Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games

Interview with Brian Gregg on Dec.9 2013

Interview w/Brian Gregg and Matt Liebsch after the Men's 15k FR Sovereign Lake NorAm 2013-14 Opener

Brian Gregg practicing in Tyrol Basin ski resort of Wisconsin

Brian Gregg in Tyrol
Brian Gregg and Matt Liebsch L3 Classic Intervals