Gallipoli Campaign

By Tara and Holly

Why did World War One start?

The British thought someone in Turkey killed a very immportant person in England.

What was the Gallipoli campaign?

The Gallipoli campaign was when men went to fight for England (their mother country).

Who was fighting in World War 1, Gallipoli ?

The british, the Australia and New Zealand (ANZACs), India, France, Turkish and Germans.

How long did it go for?

8 months long.

Where did World War One start?

World War One started at Gallipoli Peninsula.

When did World War One start and finish?

It started on the 25th of April 1915 and ended on the 20th of December 1915.

What happened on the 25th of April 1915.

The ANZACs landed at Gallipoli at 4.30 am. They landed on the wrong beach , Anzac Cove. There was a big hill at the front of the beach. The Turks were hiding behind the hill.

What happened after the 25th of April?

All of the soilders stoped fighting and went back to Australia and News Zealand.

What were the problems in World War One?

The problems in World War One. The ANZACs landed at the wrong place, there was poor conditions for soldier such as low on water and food, the high death and deverstating fire.

Who won World War One?

No one won because people died on both sides.

Why did young boys lie about their age?

Young boys lied about their age they wanted to help their mother country and they have never been to war before.

What did the soldiers face?

The soldiers were low on water and food. The bed consisted of one blanket and an over coat. There was flies and lice everywere. The rotting dead men on the ground made disese spread.

The Evacuation

The Evacuation was where the ANZACs evacuated Gallipoli on the 20th of December 1915.