Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C Virus (it is a virus)


Hepatitis C is a virus that attacks the circulatory system. The types of infections of Hepatitis C are Hepatitis 1, Hepatitis 2, Hepatitis 3, Hepatitis 4, Hepatitis 5, and Hepatitis 6. It is usually transmitted when blood from another person infected enters the other person who isn't infected.


The victim is mainly the liver, but can damage the whole body. The people most at risk to getting Hepatitis C are healthcare workers.


Hepatitis C is an invisible disease, but it shows some symptoms. Some symptoms are developing a fever, feeling tired, or having a poor appetite. After awhile it can cause severe liver damage.


You can come in contact with this pathogen anywhere, it could even happen without you knowing.


To stay away from Hepatitis C do not share things that go inside of you. A combination of antiviral medicines will help you with Hepatitis C.