IT Technician

Specific Skills

Health And Safety

It is very important that you are aware of the health and safety rules before going in to any job I will list a couple that are very important.

The most important health and safety rule is to stop the electricity running into the computer before you touch any of the components that are inside, this can lead to electric shocks if not done correctly. Removing jewelry things like watches and ring can conduct electricity and also can get caught on components inside the computer and potentially damage them.

Working Attitudes

Working attitude is a big thing towards being an IT Technician because if you do not have a passion for the job then you will get sick and bored of it fast and you will not like doing it and that is not a good attitude to have towards your job.

Technical Knowledge

Having a good knowledge on IT is a huge boost because this will save the company time of training you up because you already have all the knowledge you need to know about the job.


Motivation is a key attribute when working because without motivation you will not be able to work because you will get bored of your job and you will not want to work there or you will lose interest fast.

Problem Solver

You need to be dedicated about solving a series of problems, because as a IT Technician that is what you will be doing all the time, so if you are a problem solver you will enjoy this job because its what your whole job is based on.


It is good to have good leadership skills because if you are working in a team with other IT technicians and the others aren't sure what they are doing but you know then it is always a good idea to take the lead and direct others that will stand out to company's because that shows you know what you are doing and that you can help others so that is also team work skills.

General Attributes

Planning Skills

Planning skills are a MUST for people entering the IT Tech business in order to manage tasks with different projects going on at the same time and all have different deadlines it is a good skill to have if you can plan what you are going to do and when and when it will be completed.

Organisation Skills

Organisation Skills are also a MUST because if you are not organised that means that you are not ready for work for example if you go to work and forget your tools you are not going to be able to do your job because you are not organised and prepared to do the job so it is a really important skill to be organised.

Written/Verbal Communication Skills

IT technicians need the ability to communicate with people at all ranks in the organisation, it is really important to be able to understand and listen as well as be able to explain the to the customers depending on there knowledge in IT for example if you are talking to someone who doesn't know much about technology you will have to explain in the simplest form.

General Communication Skills

When communicating with customers you must be able to talk in different ways such as you will have to adapt your terminology for advanced, intermediate and beginner users with IT you will have to be able to change the terminology you use.

Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal skills is a good skill to have because then you can communicate with people who have difficulties, so you can do things like lip reading and sign language it's a good skill to have because you can talk to a wider range of people that way.

Communicate in Writing

Communicating through writing is a very formal way of communicating with people you can use things like letters, fax, and emails these are all used to communicate with someone these are usually used for more of a business type of communication all of the spelling and grammar in your letter/fax/email must be correct if its something based around business to look more professional.

Barriers to Effective Communication

There are many barriers that you can face during communication such as Background Noise this can come from a series of things such as other people if you work in a call centre there will be 100s of other calls going on around you and that can generate a lot of noise or if you work in a office things like printers, air cons and scanners can generate a lot of noise the way to minimise the noise is to be isolated so there is nothing going on around you therefore there will be minimum noise. Another barrier would be the Distraction barrier distractions will occur all the time, sometimes this can be seen as not being interested, and some people may find that rude. there is a lot of things that can cause distractions such as phones ringing and flashing lights the way to not get distracted is to look at the person whilst you are talking to them that way you wont be able to see these distractions around you and you will be focused on them. Concentration is one of the main things when trying to have a conversation with someone because if you are not concentrating on what the other person is saying you will not know what they have just said this can happen when there is something else on your mind or you have to be some where therefore you rush the conversation which can also be seen as rude, the way you can get around this barrier is to pay more attention to the person you are having a conversation with for more effective communication. Language can be a huge barrier when trying to communicate effectively because if you dont speak another persons language you can not have a conversation with them but there is a way around this language barrier you can use things like body language certain motions and gestures can be noticed by the majority of languages.