HMS Library News

November 2013

Getting Digital

As always, the library has been a really busy place this month! Mrs. Wilson has been teaching digital literacy/cybercitizenship to all students in the school through social studies classes. We have had some very interesting discussions, and students have learned strategies for protecting themselves (and behaving) online.

The Nooks

In 2012, Jefferson County provided 30 color Nooks for our school to use. We have purchased as many ebooks as we can afford and have requested titles for the central office to purchase on our behalf. All of this is limited by funds, but there are still other things we are using our Nooks for here at HMS!

  • Providing access to translated and large print books for students who need them
  • Using the internet browser to set up accounts on Edmodo
  • Webquests
  • Basic information searches
  • Crossword puzzles and chess games during the last few minutes of class after students have completed their work

Student Aides

There are still a lot of areas we are struggling in since we lost our library paraprofessional, but we do have help from lots of excellent student aides this year! We count on our Student Aides for:

  • assisting classes
  • leading through reading (staying on top of current literature)
  • creating videos for our school counselors
  • leading through technology use (library aides are among the first to create Prezis, Animotos, book trailer, digital book posters, and digital videos...that means they can help other students who are learning how to use these resources as well!)
  • helping teachers and students with technology troubleshooting
  • helping take pictures of students/teachers of the month
  • helping take pictures for our school website
  • running errands
  • checking books in and out to students