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Week September 21, 2020

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We are Stronger Together

Hello CMS Community,

This week our students and teachers will begin a journey that is not only unprecedented but a moment in history that presents itself only once in the lapse of a generation or two. These times will eventually be covered in middle school history classes. What I anticipate being covered in those very same middle school history classes is not only the current global pandemic we are experiencing, but also what we did as a community to persevere and overcome above it all, as a community. This includes what is happening right now, the education of our children from home. We are stronger together and a CMS commitment is to ensure that NO CHILD is left behind.

Below is our CMS Schedule for next week. Please know that as a district we have decided to push back our official school start date to Tuesday September 22, 2020, to ensure that all CMS children have what they need to start on Day 01 with all of us. For CMS what this means is that we are extending our soft start for Monday and continue to make connections with students in community and elective classes on Tuesday. Again below is our schedule for this upcoming week of September 21st to ensure that we are all attending the classes we are scheduled to offer in live meetings.

Take care and be safe!

Johanna Castillo

Principal - CMS

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Elective Teachers Announcement

All electives will hold live soft start meetings on Monday September 21st and continue making connections on Tuesday September 22nd. Attendance will be taken on Tuesday by simply logging into their Google classrooms and following instructions for that day.

Please see our Elective presentations that were delivered during our Electives Orientation last week.

CMS 2020-2021 Regular Bell Schedule

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CMS Wednesdays 2020-2021 Bell Schedule

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Chromebook Distributions

Please stop by Monday and Tuesday if you still need a Chromebook. Our school is open 9-4 every day.

Drive-Thru Wednesday Supply Distribution & Cheers

Join us: CMS Welcome Back to School Cheer & Supply Distribution

All of our CMS Students will receive supplies for our Return to School Virtually.

We will also hand out Hard Copies, Learning Packets for certain content/subjects.

Date & Location & Time

Wednesday September 23, 2020

CMS Parking Lot (Drive-Thru)

9:00 AM -12:00 PM & 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM


EXITS: 176 Pl or 19th Ave

Please come by and create a cheerful sign of your team. Place this sign on the passenger side window. There are specific supplies for teams and per grade level.

Create something to identify your vehicle as 7th or 8th grade and your team (Wolves, Hawks, Jays, Mustangs, Eagles, Herons or Foxes) and post it on your passenger side window.

Someone will come to your car and place it in your trunk or take it to your window. Your student teachers are volunteering their time to put a FACE to that NAME! Please honk and thank them!

Attendance Information

Please read our Attendance information attached, very important and translated in Spanish & Russian as well.

CMS Attendance Information

Centennial Middle School Email Permission Form

Hello CMS Families,

Email is a valuable tool for communication between students and teachers, especially during Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL). With many staff working from home, email will be even more valuable as a communication tool. Please read the email consent form below, and then select the appropriate box for whether you give or do not give permission for your child to be assigned a Centennial School District email account.

Please click the link below the full Email Permission Form document: in English, Spanish and Russian and read before marking agree or disagree:

English Form

Spanish Form

Russian Form

Please fill out permission form below (IMPORTANT):

English (Agree/Disagree From):

Spanish (De acuerdo/en desacuerdo de Documento) :

Russian (Согласен / Не согласен с):

2019-2020 Student Belongings (from student lockers)


We still have a significant amount of student belongings at school. Please come and retrieve these as soon as you can.


  • Call our front office about wanting to pick up student belongings. Please ONLY call the day you are planning to pick these up.
  • Provide student full name and the team they were in last year (if possible not required).
  • Provide Locker # form last year, if possible.
  • Office staff will explain pick up procedures via phone.

These items will be donated to local non-profit organizations if they are not retrieved by November 15, 2020.

If you have any questions please call us at our school's main number: (503)762-3206

Making Connections from our Northwest Family Services Group

Girls Group: Virtual Stay on track Fall/ Winter

The Virtual Stay on Track group has been designed to offer one hour a week to connect with other youth, essentially a total of 11 week workshops. With a highly engaging schedule, and an opportunity to choose from hands-on workshops on art, culture, and skills for academic success.

Some example topics the group will cover through activities include topics of:

  • Self-esteem/ stress/ building relationships as well as improving social interaction through these challenging times.

  • Academic school support includes: how to effectively communicate with teachers/counselors, time/stress management, organization skills, school event updates, navigating distance learning, and homework/grade follow-ups.

  • Groups will takes place virtually through Microsoft Teams, Tuesdays 12pm-1pm Starting Oct. 6th, 2020

  • More information on the flyer!

Attached please review flyers in English & Spanish and Permission Slips in English & Spanish.

This Month CMS Proudly Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month: Tuesday September 15-October 15, 2020

According to the official National Hispanic Heritage Month website (2020), National Hispanic Heritage Month traditionally honors the cultures and contributions of both Hispanic and Latino Americans as we celebrate heritage rooted in all Latin American countries.

My story:

As a first generation Mexican-American I grew up with a rich culture brought by my family to the United States. Born and raised in Texas my family and I traveled across the country to work as migrant farm workers and from a very young age I learned the meaning of hard work, dedication, and love for my heritage. I was the first one in my family to graduate from HS, attend college and eventually obtain a bachelor’s and two master’s degrees. Growing up as a young child of two immigrant parents and experiencing poverty, I never thought I could attend college or become an incredibly proud principal of a school. But thanks to the perseverance and support from my family, here I am, the incredibly proud Principal of just not any school; a school that honors, advocates and provides opportunities for children, just like me, to be successful in a learning community, Centennial Middle School.

Growing up I had the opportunity to experience many celebrations that my culture had to offer. I had a quinceañera, was part of a Ballet Folklorico Dance Team, and celebrated many traditions like Día de los Muertos. I enjoyed the most being part of my school’s Ballet Folklorico Dance Team and now my daughter is becoming an avid dancer herself. I am incredibly proud to be part of a community that is founded in love, joy, happiness, and honors family and connections above all.

To commemorate National Hispanic American Heritage Month, I would be honored to hear from our Centennial Community about their love, experiences and traditions in our LatinX community. Please email me your stories in writing, video, photos or voice recording. I will compile your stories and archive them in our website and our newsletter to highlight our rich culture throughout this month.

Thank you all, and happy National Hispanic Heritage Month!

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