Amen Men's Ministry

Iron sharpening Iron: Discipling Through Relationionships

Mission & Purpose

This ministry is intended first and foremost to give glory to God and to be pleasing to Him!


~How: ... by making manifest the word of God and to glorify our Lord and savior Jesus Christ through genuine relationships that are gospel centered for the purpose of edifying God's children.

~Plan of action: We are looking to serve one another, motivated by the gospel of Jesus the Christ, in hopes that as we plant seeds of Godly wisdom, care, and edify one another, we will see and hear how God is using our individual growth and collaborative growth to be a blessing to others.

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Help Us, to Help You... So That You May be a Help to Others

The Depth of My Hope

God is able to do a multitude of things with our faithfulness. I'd like for this ministry to establish, cultivate, and encourage each of us to work hard for the glory of God and to give us the confidence to lead in our own capacities.

In addition to the above, it is also a desire of mine for this ministry to help us all grow in the knowledge of God and His goodness, the person and work of Jesus Christ, the power of the Holy Spirit, and what all this means for us as his beloved!

Other hopes for the ministry:

~we are blessed with an even healthier worldview through a biblical lens

~to have genuine relationships, within and out of the ministry, that serve to be beacons of hope for others and make manifest the gospel of Jesus Christ

~be able to engage this world in a life-giving Godly way and lead them to the cross using our actions or words

~grow in confidence as men to carry out the mission assigned to us all... a lifetime of pursuing Christ and admirable things that are heavenly.