Red Scare vs. Salem Witch Trials

Annie Perkins

In Common:

The Red Scare and the Salem Witch Trials were very similar in the ways of:

  • Mass hysteria- everyone was freaking out about who was a witch and who was a communist. It swept the whole nation during the Red Scare and left everyone suspicious.
  • Substance of the claims made- almost every arrest or persecution during the Salem Witch Trials and The Red Scare was based solely on testimony. There was a huge lack of hard evidence.
  • Consequences- so many lives were lost by false claims during the Salem Witch Trial and The Red Scare ruined just as many in job losses.

In Contrast:

  • Obviously, there were no real witches in Salem, but during the time of McCarthyism, there were communists in the United States.
  • The people accused during The Red Scare were usually given trial or sent to jail. The people during the Witch Trials were usually hung after a short and biased trial.
  • Salem Witch Trials were in the 1600's and The Red Scare occurred in the 1950's.