The Spartan Standard

Creating Coherent Systems That Promote Learning For All

Our Mission: Why We Do The Right Thing

The mission of Chula Vista High School, an academic and artistic community that celebrates its traditions, spirit, and diverse culture, is to ensure all students realize their highest aspirations through a system of learning distinguished by:

  • Academic rigor across the curriculum fostering lifelong intellectual curiousity
  • A climate of respect, fairness, equality, and security promoting individual confidence and responsibility
  • A culture of collaboration between school, family, and community
  • A proactive network of student support
  • Exciting, unprecedented opportunities for student involvement
  • Creative and artistic expression
  • State of the Art Technology

Something to Think About

"Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier."--Mother Teresa

Mary Rose's Schedule (Subject to Change)


Monday, September 7:


Tuesday, September 8:

8:00 A. Guzman

12:45 Teacher Meeting

2:00 F. Maigue

3:30 A-Team

Wednesday, September 9:

8:00 Classroom Visits

2:50 Faculty Meeting @ Learning Lab

Thursday, September 10:

8:30 CIF Symposium @ Hall of Champions

Friday, September 11: Assembly Schedule

7:45 Calendar

11:30 Assembly

5:00 Staff Tailgate @ Grass Area next to stadium by Baseball Field

7:00 Varsity Football vs. Hilltop High School

Saturday, September 12:

8:00 Saturday School (J. Lara)


Monday, September 14: PLC Collaboration Schedule

8:30 CIS, Ms. Stevenson re: Site Plan

1:39 PLC Collaboration

2:50 Make-Up Faculty Meeting

4:15 A-Team

Tuesday, September 15:

8:30 Coffee with the Principal @ Learning Lab

12:00 AVID Site Meeting @ Rm. 1807

2:50 School Site Council @ New Library

4:00 Technology Work Group @ PDC

Wednesday, September 16:

8:00 Learning Walks

5:00 Administrator Sites Curriculum Mtg. @ PDC

7:00 VMA Concert @ PAC

Thursday, September 17:

7:30 Classroom Visits

7:00 Band End of Summer Concert @ PAC

Friday, September 18: Assembly Schedule

7:45 Calendar

11:30 Assembly

7:00 Varsity Football vs. Sweetwater HS

Monday, September 21- Friday, October 2: FALL INTERSESSION BREAK

Kudos, Thanks, & Transitions

  • FALL Sports is under way! Thank you to the following staff for taking the time to coach or assist our coaches to engage our students in our Fall Season Athletics: Daryl Butterfield, Kris Larsen, John De Jesus, Joey Espinoza, Lily Sandoval, and Jose Medrano. Kudos!
  • Kudos to Joe Lara for coordinating recognizing students in the Principal's Honor Roll-- students whose GPA are 3.5 and above. Many thanks to DiAnne Cabe, Hilda Bender, Alain Garnica-Mendoza, Leslie McClelland, Edrey Ledezma, Nancy Penuelas, and Marcia Bristol for their assistance.
  • Please give a warm Spartan welcome George Irish and Victor Zhukov. George replaces Paul Moss and will be teaching Math while Victor has stepped into the Nursing Vacancy that Eileen left.
  • You will be seeing a lot of her, at least until November 1. Please give a warm Spartan welcome to Yadira Solis-Marroquin who will be assisting the Principal's Office, under the the supervision of Araceli Guzman.
  • Kudos to Rosalinda Macias and Marisol Higareda. They have been going to businesses to solicit donations for our homeless families and as incentives for our parents to participate in our meetings.
  • Kudos to Luis Lopez. Through his leadership and efforts, we were graced by a visit from Helice "Sparky" Bridges, President of Difference Makers International. She spoke to the AVID students and Luis' classes. It has come full circle for us here at Sparta. Sparky facilitated a big Blue Ribbon Who I Am Makes A Difference Assembly at this school in the 1990's. The story is featured in her book, Who I Am Makes A Difference: The Power of Acknowledgement. If you would like to read about it, let me know and I can lend you the book that she autographed for Chula Vista High School.
  • Kudos to Tom Hassey. His business friends continue to bring the real world to our academic world and also make a difference here at Chula Vista High School through their assistance with our programs. Mr. Jim Morris has committed to assist with providing incentives for our students in their stock market project while Mr. Hal Hodgson, alumnus, is a regular guest speaker who provides insights in the world of Economics. Mr. Rick Cowley, Mr. Dennis Scott, Mr. Neal Wichard, and Mr. Yeoman, and Mr. Jim Sterk also provide insight through phone conversations with the class.
  • Thank you to ALL STAFF for taking the time to complete the Mandated Reporter Training. Your efforts in meeting the deadline of August 31 has not gone unnoticed. KUDOS!

Walkthrough Feedback and Focus

The A-Team and I have set our goal this year to ensure that each classroom gets visited every week by one of us. We believe that being in classrooms will lower disciplinary issues, not to mention send a message to students that we are around and present. To this end, please know that you will receive feedback, but not at every visit.

As we walk through this week, we will be looking for the following:

  • What is the DLT and how does my agenda or class activity support its completion/mastery?
  • How am I developing creating opportunities for structured student interaction?

Faculty Meeting Agenda

Our next Faculty Meeting will be at the Learning Lab on Wednesday, September 9 starting at 2:50 PM. Agenda is as follows:

  • SBAC Results: Common Language and What We All Need to Know
  • PSAT Plan and Schedule
  • Attendance
  • SST (Spartan Support Team)
  • Tardy Policy Group Discussion & Input

Your presence is important.

For The Common Good

  • MANDATED REPORTER TRAINING: The deadline is August 31. Again, I sent the link for the training and you should choose the Educator 90-120 minute training link. This is the training where if you score 80% or better on the Final Exam, you will receive a certificate of completion via E-mail. Please give a copy of the certificate or forward the E-mail to Araceli Guzman and we will, in turn, forward to Human Resources.
  • STAFF TAILGATE GET-TOGETHER: I think I may get it right this year...we will be having our Staff Tailgate Party at the first home football game, on September 11 versus Hilltop High School. Invitation attached. Family and friends welcome! Bring a dish to share!
  • CLERICAL CHANGES UPDATE: Until November 1, the following clerical changes are in effect: Alicia Marmolejo will be in Attendance full time with Sue Kalaher; Molly McLeod will be working with Margaret Villanueva in the Registrar's Office during her duty hours here; and Yadira Solis-Marroquin will be assisting the Principal's Office full time, under the supervision of Araceli Guzman. Thank you for your patience as I continue to figure out how to provide the best service to you and our community.

Thank you to our ELAC Officers for Their Service



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Spartan University allows students to develop academic skills and get Saturday School credit while doing it. Jenne Fredericksen and Elsa Banuelos are our Academic Intervention Coaches who will work with you to help tailor a program that you need to support your students academically. Want to work with your students? That's great! Let's ensure it is aligned to our site plan so it can be given the green light. Please see Marisol Higareda. Yes, extra duty is an option if you work these days.

The Purpose-Driven Lesson

Note: The objectives can be rewritten to reflect our structure. The essence of the blog is the ensuring our objectives are connected to the common core standards.

Keep Your Cool